Get Out Of Town!: SUGARFISH By Sushi Nozawa

SUGARFISH's To-Go Trust Me omikase box includes tuna sashimi, edamame, two cut rolls (typically blue crab and toro), and two pieces each of salmon, albacore, Japanese Yellowtail and New Zealand Sea Bream. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

While SUGARFISH By Sushi Nozawa in Studio City was at the top of their game for indoor dining and service pre-pandemic, during the past year’s pandemic when restaurants were limited to takeout only, SUGARFISH really stood out for excellent omikase takeout sushi.

Burbank has several terrific sushi restaurants, but for some of the absolutely best quality fish anywhere in Los Angeles, SUGARFISH is definitely worth the few extra minutes drive to their location on Ventura Boulevard, and the few extra dollars in prices.

The restaurant makes takeout easy with a selection of “Trust Me” omikase (chef’s choice) boxes in varying sizes: To-Go Lite, To-Go Trust Me (perhaps the most popular size), Nozawa To-Go, Don’t Think Just Eat To-Go, No Roll Trust Me and Toro Tataki Bento.

A selection of sashimi, edamame, sushi, rolls and specials are available for a la carte ordering, along with sake, beer and non-alchoholic drinks.

Whether we eat in person or take out, we usually go with the Trust Me and the Trust Me Lite, depending on how hungry we feel. Each box comes with a moist hand wipe for cleanliness, chopsticks, napkin and a variety of condiments such as ponzu, tiny chopped green onion, lemon, yuzu ponzu, soy sauce, sanbai, wasabi and ginger.

Perfectly prepared edamame and tuna sashimi are a staple of the boxes. The Trust Me ($33) includes two cut rolls of four pieces each, typically toro and blue crab, along with two pieces each of New Zealand Sea Bream Sushi, Albacore Sushi, Salmon Sushi and Japanese Yellowtail Sushi.

Some advance knowledge of SUGARFISH’s very specific policies and wide popularity, whether eating in or taking out, is important for managing expectations. They offer simple, high-quality fish and a limited selection of rolls and sides, all following a traditional Japanese omikase approach.

SUGARFISH is very clear that on every order, takeout or dine in, there is an additional 16% service charge. Additional tipping is not allowed.

Pre-pandemic, with no advance reservations accepted either, waits for tables usually took at least an hour at the Studio City location. But the service was excellent and well-orchestrated and one of the best dine in experiences we’ve ever had.

Ordering takeout on a weekend can result in long pickup times from 90 minutes or more if ordering after 5:30 p.m. During the week, Monday through Thursday, sometimes dinner orders can be ready in as little as 25 minutes, depending on when they’re ordered.

All SUGARFISH locations are open Monday through Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sundays 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. More information, menus and online ordering instructions can be found on their website.

Editor’s Note: While there’s always a lot going on in Burbank, myBurbank’s “Get Out Of Town!” highlights some of our favorite activities and events outside the town borders.

SUGARFISH’s To-Go Trust Me omikase box is spectacular. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)
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