Get Out Of Town!: Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart's The Deli Plate brings out the best in bagels, cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Since the 1970’s, pioneers of California health food and Vegenaise, the owners of Follow Your Heart market and restaurant, have served vegetarian and vegan food from their San Fernando Valley location in Canoga Park.

When one is looking for a healthy and hearty breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in Canoga Park, Follow Your Heart rates as one of the top options in town. There is no meat to be found on the menu, and the dishes prove meat is not necessary for a filling and tasty meal.

Tofu Rancheros at Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park are delicious and healthy.(Photo By Lisa Paredes)

We get out to Canoga Park every now and then, and Follow Your Heart, with its colorful market, cozy restaurant and patio and very friendly staff, always rates a visit.

Recently, we enjoyed some Tofu Rancheros ($11.50) – organic corn tortillas covered with tofu sauteed with diced tomatoes and herbs are topped with jack and cheddar cheese and served with black beans, organic Spanish rice, a to-die-for guacamole and sour cream.

The tofu was excellent and we did not miss the eggs usually found in huevos rancheros. Vegan options are available, too.

Follow Your Heart’s The Deli Plate brings out the best in bagels, cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

The other big plate we dug into – the Deli Plate – included a toasted bagel with cream cheese (vegan cream cheese is available), sliced tomato, fresh alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and red onion. I added half a sliced avocado, to bring the plate’s total price to $8.50.

Both plates were hefty and very filling. Perhaps we should have ordered a half plate of the Tofu Rancheros for $7.75. Food came out from the kitchen quickly and service was attentive and knowledgeable.

Follow Your Heart’s The Deli Plate shows alfalfa sprouts how to have a little fun at breakfast. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Bathrooms were clean and accessible. The market at Follow Your Heart includes a wide selection of health food staples, in addition to books and jewelry, incense, clothing and more. Check out the gallery of photos of Follow Your Heart’s history lining the walls and the yoga/mindfulness class schedule.

More information on Follow Your Heart and their menu can be found on their website. Brunch can get a little busy, but usually the wait is not too long on the weekends. Friendly, natural and focused on healthy foods, Follow Your Heart is quintessential California.

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