Gourmet Lunch Trucks Invade Burbank City Hall


The Community Develop Agency and Burbank Redevelopment Agency held a fundraiser for the local Habitat for Humanity project which is taking place on Keeler St. Several Gourmet Food Trucks parked on a closed off portion of Third Street adjacent to City Hall last Thursday for an early morning breakfast and lunch.  A portion of the proceeds was donated by each Truck back into the Habitat for Humanity project. The Burbank Redevelopment Agency selected several rundown and dilapidated condos and a house to renovate (check video) with 10 lucky families awarded the new houses in a very long selection process.

BurbankNBeyond’s Robert Vincent and Steven Lynch were out at the event. The street team talked to the truck owners, Community development agency, and even Mayor Reinke to bring the story straight to you. Watch the video now: