Graceband, Yachtly Crew Entertain at Starlight Bowl

Photo by Connor McCrory

Saturday, July 27,  the “Starlight Bowl” was packed with hardcore “Graceband” and “Yachtly Crew” fans ranging in ages from eight to eighty.

Photo by Connor McCrory

The Elvis tribute band, “Graceband”, kicked off the night with an Elvis classic “C.C. Rider” and went on to play more classics like “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock”, ending their set with “Suspicious Minds”.

The front man, Chris Maddox, said “I would be more than happy to be invited back next year to play this amazing venue, the Starlight Bowl is truly a hidden jewel in Burbank”.

The Elvis impersonator was very in tune with the audience kissing women and handing off scarfs making it more of an authentic Elvis experience. Everyone seemed to be very happy with the performance and the music as they ended Graceband’s set with a huge applause.

More and more people got up out of their seats as the sun set and the sky began to darken and started to embrace their inter yacht-rock grove.

Out came Yachtly Crew with their authentic sailor uniforms playing “Ride Like The Wind”. The crowd went crazy as more and more people began to get up and dance, filling the pit.

Photo by Connor McCrory

When the song “Baker Street” came around, sax player (Pauly Shores) ran in to the crowd taking selfies with the audience and standing on the seats blowing his heart out to the tune on his saxophone.

Yachtley Crew also played songs such as “Africa”, “Give Me The Night” and many more.

Ending the night with “Hotel California”, everyone rocked out to the Eagles classic. It was vary sad to see the night end especially with such amazing acts. Hopefully both “Graceband” and “Yachtley Crew” will be back to rock the bowl.

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