Guitar Ninjas Celebrates 10 Years of Music in Burbank, Reaching 500 Active Members

Photo courtesy of Guitar Ninjas Instagram @guitar_ninjas.

Guitar Ninjas is a music school in Burbank for kids and adults, whose program blends music, mindset, and motivation. Jason Land, founder and owner, of Guitar Ninjas, started 10 years ago with one student in his home studio, to building one of the leading music schools in the city.

Land’s studio started with guitar lessons but has since expanded to other instruments including drums, piano, bass, ukulele, and high performance band ensemble. Memberships include a weekly 30-minute private lesson with an instructor either in person or online, access to their online course, and access to a members-only practice portal providing tricks, tips, and exercises.

The Guitar Ninjas program features eight levels using iconic rock songs that teach students technique, theory, mechanic, and pro-level thinking tactic. “My philosophy on program design is growth fueled by motivation. Learning an instrument is challenging, and there are many glass ceilings that one must break through to achieve the freedom of playing music,” said Land. “I found that rewarding milestones was a cornerstone to last success on the student’s learning journey.”

Jason Land, Owner and Founder of Guitar Ninjas. Photo by Simile Photography

At every achieved level in the Guitar Ninjas program, a student is awarded with a colored pick representing the the progress they have made, much like the how karate works with colored belts and stripes. The final pick is the black level and earns students a spot in the Guitar Ninjas Master Shredder® program.

Land was gifted a guitar at the age of 12, found music, and dedicated his life to it there after. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue music, and after years in the industry he decided to make a change and take control of his income stream. “I’d always had a natural feel for education and found the transition into this field both a logical and inspiring process,” said Land.

While leaving his house one Saturday morning in Burbank with his guitar in hand, someone had just purchased a guitar at the garage sale next door and asked if he taught music. Land handed her his card but never heard back, until weeks later when the Roosevelt Elementary School principal called and said she had received his card from someone and asked if he would be open to teaching an after-school guitar class.

His first class at Roosevelt started with 20 kids, and Land converted 17 of them into his first Guitar Ninjas students. “Sometimes you have to wait for a little luck to come your way and be ready to capture it when it does,” added Land. Now Guitar Ninjas has grown into a household name, with over 500 active members across locations in Burbank, Glendale, and Orange. He hopes to keep expanding the franchise and reach 1000 active members some day.

Some of the Guitar Ninjas music instructors. Photo courtesy of Guitar Ninjas Instagram @guitar_ninjas.

If you’re looking to try a class, Guitar Ninjas offers a free 30 minute trial lesson at any of their locations, or you can register your child for their upcoming summer camp to get a real feel for the school, while learning music and creativity.  Camps run weekly through June, Monday to Thursday, with camps starting June 3, 10, or 17. Kids ages 7 and up are welcome, and no musical experience is needed. 

“Students are given an opportunity to try a variety of instruments throughout the week. Each day we play several musical games, have tech classes, write songs and everything culminates in our ‘Summer Fest’ parking lot concert for parents. It’s controlled and educational chaos!” said Land.  The kids form bands, pick a band name, create album art, and write their own song during the week which they perform for their families. Registration has begun but space is limited. You can register here.

Music provides valuable lessons from discipline, accountability, having a growth mindset, learning to problem solve, and not hesitating on taking calculated risks. Whether you’re a child, an adult of any age, Guitar Ninjas is ready to welcome you with open arms and help you learn the power of music. For more information go to

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