Happy Hour Reviews: Guisados


Having grown up in a Latin-American household, finding authentic tacos nearby, and at a reasonable price is always a treat. With so many restaurant options to chose from in downtown Burbank, Guisados makes a play at becoming the premier destination spot for anyone looking eat during Happy Hour.

Guisados originated in Boyle Heights, in December 2010. The restaurant was created by a father and son duo, Armando De La Torre Sr. & Armando De La Torre Jr. Since 2010, Guisados has opened at five locations. Their newest location, here in Burbank, opened in October 2016, and is located at 312 N San Fernando Blvd Burbank, CA 91502.

What sets Guisados apart from other Latin-American restaurants is the care put into their dishes. Guisados features handmade corn tortillas, which are made daily, and an assortment of braises to choose from. Each meat, whether it is pork, beef, fish, or chicken, is stewed for a long period of time.

Currently, there are fourteen different taco options, with two additional quesadilla options. Their entire menu is gluten free, and the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options. Each taco is also priced at $2.95 each, expect for their seafood options, which is priced at $3.25 each. If you are unsure about what you want to order, the restaurant also features a “sampler” option which includes six mini-tacos from their menu, for $7.25. It’s also worth noting that, given the time of the year, Guisados also serves fresh tamales everyday. However, once the tamales are gone, they’re gone for the day.

Having had the opportunity to try most of the menu at Guisados, I have to say that one of the best attributes about the restaurant is its consistency. Whether you are taking your first bite into one of their tacos, or taking your 100th bite, the tacos never drop in quality. For those of you who enjoy tacos on the spicy side, you’ll be happy to know that the default level of all tacos are classified as “medium” spiciness. However, there is one exception to this rule, the Chiles Toreados, which is listed as “extremely spicy” should only be reserved for spice-veterans.

As far as non-alcoholic drinks, Guisados offers up the following:

Jamaica: Hibiscus iced tea

Melon: Cantaloupe water

Armando Palmero: 2/3 Limon, 1/3 Jamaica

Limon: Lemon, Lime water

Horchata: Cinnamon rice milk.

The restaurant itself two seating areas, one inside and one outside. Seating inside is more plentiful and does numerous tables that can be pushed together, and a large bench-like booth. The interior of the restaurant also features artwork and photography from local artists, some of which is available to purchase. On the opposite side of the featured artists is a mural depicting the story behind Guisados. On one end, there is a painted image of the first ‘Guisados’ in Boyle heights, and as you follow the wall, you in turn follow Guisados’ journey across Los Angeles.

Happy Hour runs everyday from 3:00 – 7:00 PM. There are no discounts on their tacos, however, there is a discount on all alcoholic beverages. Currently, Guisados serves Modelo, Modelo Black, Pacifico, and Coronas. Each beer is priced at $3 during happy hour.

So whether it’s a late lunch, or an early dinner, Guisados is place where you can pick up a light meal or fill up on tray-full of tacos. For any taco-lovers in Burbank, I strongly encourage you to try Guisados.

If you’d like to check out Guisados’ menu, you can do so HERE.

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