HazMat Response Finds No Danger

Photo By Ross A. Benson

The Burbank Fire Dept’s Hazmat Unit along with several other pieces of fire equipment and Burbank Police were called to the CVS Drug Store located at 511 N. Hollywood Way Friday evening by a man who claimed that after he went into the local CVS Drug Store, upon returning to his car, someone put an unknown chemical inside making him feel ill. The Fire Dept’s Hazmat Technicians suited up and with high tech sensing devices  went in to investigate. After several tests  the inspection of the red Chevy with Arizona plates was deemed safe with NO traceable amounts of any known chemicals.
Police informed the owner of the car that nothing was found. Burbank Police left and were recalled later by the same male who claimed someone had locked him inside the bathroom within the CVS, and the CIA were responsible.  So goes a Friday night in Burbank.

Photos By Ross A. Benson
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