Health Alert: Rabid Bat Found in Burbank

rabid bat in burbank

Release from Media City Animal Hospital:

“We have been informed by Los Angeles Public Health that a Rabid Bat was found on East Grinnell Drive on August 28, 2023. The health department has asked for our assistance in educating and protecting the public from exposure to Rabies.”

  • The County Health Officer is warning anyone who may have come into direct physical contact with any bat to see their doctor to be evaluated for possible post-exposure anti-rabies treatment.
  • Never touch a bat with your bare hands.
  • Teach children when bats look like and to tell an adult if they see one. Children should be taught never to touch a bat.
  • Report bat bites to people, or other interactions between bats and people or pets to Veterinary Public Health at (213) 288-7060
  • To request pickup of sick or dead bats for rabies testing call the Burbank Animal Shelter at (818) 238-3340
  • Please contact Los Angeles County Veterinary Public Health if you have questions: (213) 288-7060.
  • If a bat gets into your home, do not release it. Exit and seal off the room if you can and call Animal Control to retrieve it for testing.
  • Keep all pets up to date with Rabies Vaccination (even indoor-only cats). Cats and dogs may contract rabies from contact with bats that are on the ground.
  • To check your pets’ Rabies vaccination status with your vet’s office.
More information:
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For questions about Rabies after an animal bite or a bat exposure, call 213-288-7060
or email Office hours are Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM