Historical Society Members Pay Tribute To A True American Hero

Pictured are L/R Bill Weaver, Robert Gilliland Jr., and Tom Morgendeild. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

This past Saturday, Legends gathered and shared their stories at The Burbank Historical Society, as members and guests paid Tribute To An American Hero, Robert “Bob” Gilliland.  Gilliland, who was recently hospitalized, had his son Robert Jr. stand in his place, lthough he did not have the stories his dad could have told as being the test pilot of the Lockheed Sr-71, the F-104 fighter and several other great planes built right here in Burbank. Gilliland was given several Proclamations and awards at the luncheon that was well attended by old time Lockheed employees and Burbank residents. Former fellow test pilots Bill Weaver and Tom Morgenfeild told of those days when Burbank was the old stomping grounds  when such plans came out of ‘Lochkeed’s Skunk Works’.  Supersonic planes and jet fighters that are still in use today serving our country.

Photo By Ross A. Benson