“Holiday Fever!” Heats Up Magnolia Park With Hilarity

Chris Emerson and Dagney Kerr ham it up in Holiday Fever

Holiday Fever! sleighs audiences with a tasty smorgasbord of seasoned comedy. For 85 wonderful minutes, there are platefuls of fun: Heaping helpings of inspired holiday skits, vaudeville routines, and Broadway musical send-ups! With plenty of room for dancing, prancing and dashing, plus a few vixens! (With one of them blitzen!) Scoops of singing that tickle the funny bone and warm the spirits! And some tasty side dishes of audience participation.

Chris Emerson and Dagney Kerr in sketch ‘Greensleeves'
Chris Emerson and Dagney Kerr in sketch ‘Greensleeves’

It didn’t feel like watching a show. It was more like being at a really great holiday party, the kind that casts a nice glow over the whole season. The kind of party with that rare chemistry of camaraderie that has no need of beer or bud.

Holiday Fever is the love child of husband-and-wife team DAGNEY KERR (“Director-Choreographer-Pisces”) and CHRIS EMERSON (“Producer-Lyricist-Gemini.”) They got the fever from the classics of TV comedy. “We were inspired by Carol Burnett,” remarked Chris. “We wanted to capture the fantastic fun she had on her variety show.” In that regard, Dagney and Chris succeeded as performers as well as creators, with a great sense of comedic timing.

Comedic talent was also evident in the performances of ERIK MARION (“AKA ‘Snuggles’ – Aquarius,”) MATT KELLEY (“Has never stolen lunch money – Leo,”) and MICHAEL MIRANDA (“Favorite Number is ‘7’ –Aquarius.”) MISSY DOTY (“Loves Steak – Loves Softball – Leo”) shines in “Santa Baby” and HOLLY RIDDLE (“Humanitarian – Hand Model – Capricorn”) has a great turn as the one-too-many gal at the holiday office party, then U-turns and belts out great “Hard Candy Christmas.”

Dagney Kerr in ‘Disco Silver Bells'
Dagney Kerr in ‘Disco Silver Bells’

So it’s high praise indeed to say that PETER VARVEL (“Astrology is for Squares”) and CHRISTOPHER AGUILAR (“He’s So Young! – Libra”) stole the show with their hilarious, deadpan dancing that had all of us rolling in the aisle. (There’s only one aisle.)

BTW, the cutsey tag lines on the bios have a lot of solid acting experience lines underneath them. Missy Doty was among the cast’s real-life working actors (as in taking orders from directors, not diners.) “The stage was my first love,” said Missy. “And I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to be in this show.”

Which inspired me to add this to my Thanksgiving List: having pros that have loved a delightful show into life in my own backyard. Give yourself an early Christmas gift and see Holiday Fever!

Holiday Fever! continues through December 20 at the Banshee Theatre, 3435 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank. Performances are at 8p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3 p.m. Sundays. Tickets range from $12.50 to $25.00, group discounts available. Visit holidayfeverlive.com for more information.

Chris Emerson and Dagney Kerr ham it up in Holiday Fever
Chris Emerson and Dagney Kerr ham it up in Holiday Fever