Hollywood Burbank Airport Reports Increased Numbers in November

Photo by Ross A. Benson

Airline passenger traffic at Hollywood Burbank Airport maintained the upward trend of passenger increases for the month of November 2019. The November 2019 passenger count of 525,279 is an increase of 9.50 percent over the November 2018 passenger count of 479,719. Year-to-date, January through November 2019 total passenger count of 5,429,217 is an increase of 13.14 percent over January through November 2018 total passenger count of 4,798,818.

Commercial aircraft operations increased 8.43 percent, and general aviation operations increased 20.24 percent when compared to November 2018.

Total aircraft operations increased in November 2019 with 12,054 total aircraft operations, a 14.85 percent increase compared to 10,495 total aircraft operations in November 2018.

The top three airlines in November 2019 based on passenger count were Southwest Airlines (360,137), Alaska Airlines (41,684) and United Airlines (33,279).

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