Home Burglary Suspects Nabbed Two Minutes After Police Receive Call


On Tuesday morning, December 1, at 1:45 am, officers were dispatched to a home in the 500 block of North Lomita Street regarding a residential burglary in-progress.

The residents reported they were awoken by two people who had tried to enter their locked rear door and when unsuccessful opened a kitchen window from the outside. One of the two people was able to partially enter the window, before being confronted by the resident. The second suspect, who was standing outside the window brandished, what turned out to be, a toy gun at the resident upon being confronted. The two suspects then fled.

The first arriving officer was on scene within two minutes of the 911 call being received, locating two individuals in a parked car nearby, who fit the description of the suspects given by the resident when she called 911. The officer detained the two suspects at gunpoint until other officers arrived.

The resident who confronted the suspects at the window was able to positively identify both suspects who had been detained in the parked car as the people who tried to break into the home. The toy gun was recovered.

Officers also learned a parked car had been broken into by the suspects after they fled the scene of the residential burglary.

The suspects were identified as 55 year-old David Fredericks and 42 year-old Francesca Beltran, both from Burbank. They admitted to trying to enter the occupied home and to entering the vehicle.

No injuries were reported by the residents or either suspect.

Fredericks, who is a 290 PC Sex Registrant, and Beltran were booked into the Burbank City Jail on a charge of Residential Burglary in-lieu of $50,000 bond. They are both due to appear in court Thursday morning.

The Burbank Police Department wants to remind residents to always lock their doors and windows. This may prevent you from becoming a victim of an auto or residential burglary.

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