Honorary Service Awards Handed Out To Volunteers

Hundreds of volunteers are recognized by the Burbank Council PTA with Honorary Servce Awards.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Being a volunteer takes a special person and when they are recognized, it just reaffirms that what they are doing is truly appreciated.

This past Saturday, the 72nd Annual Burbank Council PTA Honorary Service Awards were handed out in front of Muir Middle School as each recipient drove past and received their award.

This is an annual event in which there is a dinner, but in this case, there is three years’ worth of recipients because of COVID-19.

Cathy Biermann, PTSA President at Burbank High, was present and performed double duty.

“It’s a great day. I’m actually a recipient for Emerson Elementary today because I’m at both schools,” she said. “I have a child at both. I’m a volunteer working it and I’m accepting it.”

Biermann added: “It’s just a nice moment for everybody to realize how much all of us do for our community, for the kids of Burbank, and we love it. None of us want accolades or kudos, but it’s really a nice feeling when we can say you did this.”

Lori Little, the Burbank Council PTA President, was also in attendance.

“Our volunteers are so important to us because we are a volunteer organization and what this is, every school is honoring volunteers,” she said. “This is just our way of making sure that the whole community knows about it and not just their school. I hope that they do feel the love because most people that volunteer doesn’t do it for this recognition, which makes it more special to give them this recognition.”

Little spoke about why this day is important. “This basis of PTA is to advocate for all of our children with one voice. So, to honor people that are showing up just to do good things for kids because they care about them,” she said. “It’s emotional and we haven’t been able to do this because of COVID.”

Debbie Kutka, the Burbank Unified School District’s Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services, weighed in on why this day is important.

“Burbank is blessed with so many great volunteers and this is just a special event that the PTA gives, the honorary service awards for different parents, teachers, and administrators that really contribute a lot to the district,” she said. “There are so many great volunteers to be honored and to be selected to have this tribute, this is huge.”

Here is the list of award winners for 2022:

Bret Harte Elementary: Keri Cook Honorary Service Award, Michelle Kozin HSA, Dawn Poomee HSA, and Johanna Schofield HSA.

Disney Elementary: Gabriella Magana HSA.

Edison Elementary: Ellen Chan HSA, Shannon Harold HSA, Breanna Kelly HSA, and Oscar Macias HSA.

Emerson Elementary: Cathy Biermann HSA and My Lor Outstanding Teacher Award.

Jefferson Elementary: Kim Anderson OTA, Julie Barnhart Continuing Service Award, Samantha Marquis HSA, Dorothy Nguyen-Graff HSA, Kim Panosian HSA, Dawn Parker HSA, Michelle Ries CSA, Jennifer Rogerson HSA, Stephanie Stockton HSA, and Catie Young HSA.

McKinley Elementary: Shigeko Hanada OTA, Paige Oliver HSA, Jennie Palmer HSA, and Amy Storkel HSA.

Miller Elementary: Stewart Miller HSA, Erin Moran, HSA, Jennifer Sellers HSA, and John Eric Tucker Very Special Person Award.

Providencia Elementary: Erika Godwin HSA, Vargus Mason HSA, and Stephanie Yosh HSA.

Roosevelt Elementary: Jennifer Greene HSA, Sheryl Hambro OTA, Marla Hancock VSPA, Shannon Loffredo HSA, Manisha Parikh HSA, and Elizabeth Shipp HSA.

Stevenson Elementary: Katie Apice HSA, Jennifer Asbury HSA, Anne Askerneese HSA, Shelby Bowne HSA, and Carol Rowsey HSA.

Washington Elementary: Rush Hamden CSA, Amanda “Mandy” Karns CSA, Julie Lambert OTA, Maricar Oliveros HSA, and Brandi Young Outstanding Administrator Award.

Huerta Middle School: Juan Avila OAA, Tanisha Leath HSA, and Angela Osborne HSA.

Luther Middle School: Rob Arroyo HSA, Emigdio Barraza HSA, Jeanne Carino OTA, Dina Harney OTA and Carlos Solorzano OTA.

Muir Middle School: Kelly Duenckel CSA, Karl Maschek HSA, Mark Norberg OTA and Shakeh Shahbazian HSA.

Burbank High: Annie Cavanaugh OTA, Donovan Glover OTA, Christienne Palmieri VSPA, and Gabrielle Sharaga HSA.

Burroughs High: Maria Barba Golden Oak Service Award, Greg Everhart OTA, and Rachel Levine HSA.

Burbank Council Honorees: Lenora Aguilera HSA, Chris Molaro GOSA, Pam Paterra GOSA and Caroline Solberg CSA.

Here are the award winners for 2021:

Bret Harte Elementary: Nikki Capshaw HSA, Darlene Crain HSA, Diana Donnell HSA and Natalie Worsham HSA.

Disney Elementary: Nicole Martin HSA and Cheryl Rave HSA.

Edison Elementary: Lucia “Luci” Bowers HSA, Rachel Christensen HSA, Gretchen Gray HSA, Michiko Otello VSPA and Sandy Solis OTA.

Emerson Elementary: Sandra Davis HSA, Alex Konstantine HSA, Erin Konstantine HSA, and Jolene O’Guin HSA.

Jefferson Elementary: Cristina Strattan HSA and Joe Strattan CSA.

McKinley Elementary: Carey Bennett HSA, Pam DiAndrea HSA, and Brian Millman HSA.

Miller Elementary: Debra Eklund HSA, Judy Hession OAA, Nancy Lozano-Stecyk HSA and Crystal Robbins HSA.

Providencia Elementary: Susannah Brown OTA, Talitha Cox HSA, Nicole Maggi HSA, Sarah Smith HSA, and Michelle Stamp HSA.

Roosevelt Elementary: Rebecca Allen HSA, Toby Black GOSA, Kristina Hauser HSA, Anne-Marie Osgood HSA, Holly Provan HSA, Leigh Redman HSA, and Andrea Seale OTA.

Stevenson Elementary: Katie Ward HSA, Neela Woodard HSA, and Claudia Zarco-Hunsaker HSA.

Washington Elementary: Kristina Albarian OTA, Tim Behm HSA, Adriana Chavez OAA, and Aylin Ghookhassian CSA.

Huerta Middle School: Lisa Dyson HSA, Kristie Smith CSA, and Sonlay Vorachak HSA.

Luther Middle School: Susan Conway OTA, Traci Fellman HSA, Michelle Hacking HSA, and Laurie Harmon HSA.

Muir Middle School: Elbert Gu HSA, Gina Binda HSA, Naira Mnatsakanyan CSA, and Corey Howard OTA.

Burbank High: Kevin Adamson Very Special Person Award, Chris Bickelmann OTA, Linda Bitto HSA, Alicia Boote HSA, Jennifer Anne Le’Au HSA, Kathryn Ann Slater Nash HSA.

Burroughs High: Matt Chambers OAA, Keith Knoop OAA, Kathy Nealis HSA, John Peebles CSA, Shari Wendt HSA, and Alexis Weiner OTA.

Burbank Council Honorees: Wendi Harvel CSA and Dr. Greg Miller CSA.

Here are the award winners for 2020:

Bret Harte Elementary: Ashley Erickson HSA, Martin Moran HSA, Emily Nalbantian HSA, Barbara Steele HSA, and The Ugly Mug HSA.

Disney Elementary: Steve Hanneman HSA, Heidi Miller HSA, Rosemary Morrison HSA, and Geovanna Waters HSA.

Edison Elementary: Taylor Campbell Austin HSA, Laura Flosi OAA, Michele Hoog OTA, Christina Norton HSA, and Seana Zilbert HSA.

Emerson Elementary: Stella Chalian HSA, Ellen Dobbin OTA, Zhoulet Honarchian CSA, Heather LeRoy HSA, Robert LeRoy HSA, and Kirsten Morris HSA.

Jefferson Elementary: Rebecca Duffield HSA, Traci Lalicata HSA, Tish Reed HSA, and Gretchen Roberts HSA.

McKinley Elementary: Shauna Millman HSA, Suzi Reader HSA, and Liz Tignini HSA.

Miller Elementary: Parastou Danesh HSA, Gail Honeystein HSA, and Liga Zervena HSA.

Providencia Elementary: Maria Barba CSA, Heather Gerlach HSA, and Becky Mullins HSA.

Roosevelt Elementary: Jordana Hemmeke HSA, Amanda Niles Conti HSA, Cat Olson HSA, Matt Osmond OAA, and Allison Wild HSA.

Stevenson Elementary: Sarah Lava HSA, Maria Laperriere HSA, Libby Minarik HSA, and Tomas Romero HSA.

Washington Elementary: Patty Dagata OTA, Lupe Hidalgo HSA, Melody Hidalgo HSA, Cindy Romero HSA and Garri Dance Studio HSA.

Jordan Middle School: Toby Black CSA, Julie Desmeules HSA, and Chris Mitchell OTA.

Luther Middle School: Tracy Jackson CSA, Brian Ludwick OAA, Dr. Oscar Macias OAA, and Michelle Means CSA.

Muir Middle School: Lori Musicant OTA, Barry Sarna OTA, Mona Slek HSA, and Yolanda Wu HSA.

Burbank High: Jen Griffith HSA and Meredith Swierczynski HSA.

Burroughs High: Bonnie Staub CSA, Pamela Ryba HSA, Daria Clark VSPA, and Ariana Kretz VSPA.

Burbank Council Honorees: Carol Briggs GOSA, Brenda Burroughs GOSA, and Kimberley Clark.

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