Husband Surprises Wife With Their Childhood Ice Cream Flavor on Valentine’s Day

    Photo courtesy of Justin Worsham

    NATurally JUST IN love hit the menu of Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory on Valentine’s Day as a surprise for one Burbank couple.  Justin Worsham worked with Sliders’ owners to re-create his wife’s favorite ice cream flavor that the two use to get when dating in high school. The flavor was discontinued and the two hadn’t tasted it in over 24 years.

    Justin and Natalie Worsham started dating in high school at the age of 17 in Modesto, California. Justin would bring Natalie her favorite ice cream flavor from a local chain when she was having a bad day.  The flavor was eventually discontinued and never made a come back. Justin had the idea a few months before Valentine’s Day and reached out to the owners of Sliders to help him re-create their beloved ice cream flavor. 

    Sliders named the flavor NATurally JUST IN love, after the couple, which has house-made chocolate sweet cream infused with Irish cream and brownie chunks. “Josh at Sliders did such an amazing job making the ice cream. When I tasted it I was overwhelmed with emotion. It brought back all of the feelings and memories of when we were teenagers and I wasn’t ready to feel all of that,” said Justin Worsham. “He also managed to make it taste even better. He is very passionate about his creations and you can tell he loves to make people feel good through his work.”

    Justin insisted on getting ice cream on Valentine’s Day and when they entered Sliders and Natalie read the name on the menu, she was overjoyed. “I hugged and mask kissed him. Justin had tears in his eyes and I couldn’t thank the staff enough for such a cool thing to do,” said Natalie. “The taste was perfect.  And so much better than before.  It’s funny how a smell will take you back to your childhood, but this definitely took us back.  High school, drama class, friendship and love.  All because of ice cream!”

    After the couple posted their story on their social media accounts, friends immediately rushed over to try the new flavor. The batch of ice cream sold out and Sliders made three more tubs before selling out once more.  Sliders will be making three more tubs which should be available this weekend. “I’m thrilled that the flavor is bringing them success,” adds Natalie. Stop by Sliders to try NATurally JUST IN love, available in scoops, pints and quarts.

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