Investigation Ongoing Into Assault at Starlight Bowl After Concert

(Starlight Bowl website)

A battery incident at the Starlight Bowl after a concert performance by Tucanes Time has led to an ongoing investigation by Burbank Police detectives. The altercation was reported between a concert attendee and a private security guard hired for the evening’s event.

The Bowl had been rented out by the LA Concert Group, a notable event organizer in the region, to host Tucanes Time, an up-and-coming band that has been gaining rapid popularity in the music scene with their eclectic mix of alternative rock and Latin influences. The band’s unique sound, coupled with their engaging live performances, has garnered them a loyal fanbase. Ticket prices for this event ranged from $55 to $150.

Sgt. Stephen Turner of the Burbank Police Department provided updates on the ongoing investigation, noting that no arrests have been made in an email to myBurbank. Turner did not say if any Burbank police were assigned to the concert, which was held on Sunday, September 3.

A member of the Burbank Fire Department, who was stationed at the event, was the one who summoned paramedics to the scene. It is not known how serious the injuries were or if the victim was transported to a hospital.

As fans of Tucanes Time await more clarity on the situation, the LA Concert Group has yet to release a formal statement. The exact reasons for the altercation and whether it had any connection to the band’s performance remain uncertain.

The Starlight Bowl, a much-loved concert venue in Burbank, regularly hosts a slew of popular acts and such incidents are rare, making this an unusual and distressing event for regular attendees.

Individuals with relevant information about the battery incident are being urged to reach out to the Burbank Police Department.

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