Isabel Omero Chosen As A 2023 30th Congressional District Woman Of The Year

Isabel Omero, one of the 30th Congressional District Women of the Year. (photo courtesy of Gina Jet Ortiz)

Isabel Omero has been announced by Congressman Adam Schiff as one of the 2023 Women of the Year from California’s 30th Congressional District.

Omero, a Burbank resident of over four decades, and 15 other honorees were commended for having “made significant contributions to their communities through civic engagement, community service, and leadership in their respective fields,” per a press release from Schiff’s office.

The 16 women were chosen by Schiff following a period in which the politician accepted nominations from the public. Omero has worked with the Burbank Community YMCA Social Impact Center, Burbank’s first LGBTQIA+ resource center, as well as Elevate Burbank. She also participates in a local Buy Nothing group, and she accepted a proclamation when the Burbank City Council recognized Transgender Awareness Week in November 2022.

Additionally, Omero is a sponsorship chair of the nonprofit Burbank Pride. She calls it “a privilege” to collaborate with donors of the organization, whose mission involves providing “uplifting, entertaining, educational, and safe events for our diverse LGBTQIA+ community, where all people are respected, valued, and affirmed, inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression,” via their site.

“I get to engage with businesses and people who have the reputation, the vision, and yes, the money to make things — especially new and untried things — happen here in Burbank. So donate now, everybody!” Omero said of Burbank Pride.

In 2022, Omero played a major role in organizing the city’s first Pride celebration, Family Pride in the Park. The event featured multiple performers, booths from vendors and organizations, an opening speech from Mayim Bialik, and appearances by Senator Anthony Portantino, Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony, Burbank Vice Mayor Nick Schultz, former Mayor Sharon Springer and more.

“There are so many wonderfully wild Pride events all over LA. But we chose to be a proudly small-town, super-safe, all-ages event in the heart of Magnolia Park on a beautiful fall evening,” Omero said of Family Pride in the Park. “Folks had fun and got to know one another. That’s what Burbank is all about.”

Over the summer, Schiff will host a private luncheon to further celebrate the Women of the Year. In his press release, the congressman detailed how award recipients from a variety of professions were selected as a result of their devotion to improving their respective environments.

“The 16 2023 Woman of the Year honorees are an inspiration to their communities for their passion and dedication to service,” Schiff said. “As artists, engineers, entertainers, surgeons, bakers, and beyond, these women are not just leaders in their fields of work but in their communities, making our home a better place for all.”

Previously, Omero served as a television script supervisor for 40 years. During this time, she contributed to a number of popular shows, including the legendary sitcom “The Golden Girls.” Omero shared her favorite moments from working on the series, which starred Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty.

“My very best memory is every Friday, our taping day, I used to have a 90-minute lunch with the ladies — just Bea, Betty, Rue, Estelle … and me,” Omero said. “In a nice quiet space, we’d rehearse lines, resolve script questions, gab a little, and laugh a lot — for seven wonderful years. And lately, I’ve been getting asked to speak at ‘Golden Girls’ fan conventions! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Omero expressed her interest in assisting the older generation of LGBTQIA+ Burbankers when asked what resources she may want to provide for the community moving forward. As she reflected on being named one of the 2023 Women of the Year, Omero noted her gratitude for gaining a platform through which she can call attention to the matters she has a passion for. 

“To be among Rep. Schiff’s 16 honorees is deeply gratifying, especially as a transgender woman during some very dark times for women everywhere,” Omero said. “On a local level, I feel like I’ve been handed a spotlight that I can shine on causes and issues I care about in this city I love.”

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