JBHS Stress Management Workshop Teaches Coping Skills

Image Courtesy Burbank Unified School District

John Burroughs High School and Family Services of Burbank hold a free JBHS Stress Management Workshop for students and parents on Saturday, March 5, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

“We at JBHS know that high school can be very stressful and at times overwhelming,” said Principal Deborah Madrigal, in a recorded message sent to students’ homes. “Students and parents try to adapt to the expectations but sometimes it all becomes too much.”

BUSD LOGO_Master File“Managing stress is an important skill not only in high school, but for our whole lives. It is important that we learn different ways to control and manage our stress.”

Family Services will conduct two separate, concurrent, workshops, one aimed at students and the other for parents. The JBHS Stress Management Workshops will focus on coping with the stresses of high school.

“We would really love JBHS parents and families to take advantage of this great opportunity being provided by Burbank Family Services,” said Matt Chambers, Assistant Principal of Guidance at Burroughs.

Those interested in attending must call 818 558-4777 ext. 61941 to sign up for the workshop. The workshop is open at all JBHS students and their parents and is free.