John Muir Middle School Reigns as Kings of Track and Field

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)
Julian Read of Luther Burbank (center) sprints his way into the record books in the 100 meter dash (Photo by Dick Dornan)
Julian Read of Luther Burbank (center) sprints his way into the record books in the 100 meter dash (Photo by Dick Dornan)

By Dick Dornan
MyBurbank Sports Editor

John Muir Middle School proved dominant once again in the Tri-Middle School All-City Track and Field championships held last Friday night at Memorial Stadium. The Mustangs reigned supreme over Luther Burbank Middle School and David Starr Jordan Middle School.

After combining all the points from the boys and girls events for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, John Muir tallied 513 points, Luther Burbank finished with 418 and David Starr Jordan had 311. A total of 16 meet records were broken and new ones established.

For the second straight year, Muir claimed five of the six divisions (every level except 8th grade boys). It was the Mustangs’ 12th city championship over the last 13 years including eight consecutive titles.

On the eighth grade level, Luther Burbank won the boys division with 105 points led by Julian Read who won four events. Muir took second with 68 points followed by Jordan with 34.

Burbank Chamber

Read is as good as they come. All he did was set a meet record in the 100 meter dash in 12.4 seconds, tied the high jump meet record at 5-feet-6 and place first in the 70 meter hurdles (10.5) and first in the 4×100 relay (50.6).

“That was awesome. I wasn’t expecting that at all,” Read said about his record in the 100 meters. “My knee was really hurting me and it hurt to walk and just stand up. When I got to the blocks, I felt ready to run. I just blocked it out of my mind. As soon as I started running, it stopped hurting.”

The pain never felt so good for Read as he clearly demonstrated his athleticism and ability to compete in different events.

As for going 4-for-4 in first place medals, Read humbly summed it up.

“My day has been pretty good,” he said.

In the eighth grade girls division, Muir took first with 87 points while Luther and Jordan tied for second with 60 points. Emily Virtue had a strong day for the Luther Yellow Jackets winning events in the 800 (meet record- 2:30), 1600 (meet record- 5:32) and mile relay.

“My coach gave me goal times. In the first race (800 meters), I gave it all I had and got the record,” said Virtue. “In the mile, it turned out really good. I got the time I wanted. Overall it’s been a good day. I was pretty proud.”

At the seventh grade level, Muir swept the boys and girls divisions. For the boys, Muir scored 107, followed by Jordan with 59 and Luther had 41.

Speedster Joshua Johnson of the Jordan Cougars won the 100 meter dash in 12.4 (tied Read for the meet record) and won the 200 meters in a meet record 25.8 seconds. He also took second in the high jump at 4-feet-8 to cap off a sensational day.

“For the 100, I had to kick it because I didn’t want to lose. I did it for the team. You can’t lose to Muir every year. We can’t have that,” Johnson said. “In the 200, I took it easy so I could kick two more gears.”

For the girls, Muir had 82, Luther 65 and Jordan 59. Samantha Eaton performed well for the Muir Mustangs finishing in second in the 4×100 relay, second in the 400 meters, second in the mile relay and third in the 100 meter run.

“At first I was really nervous,” Eaton said about the 400 meter race. “But as soon as I ran I became more confident in myself and I ended up doing really well.”

Sixth grade results: (boys) Muir 79, Luther 64, Jordan 64 / (girls) Muir 104, Luther 68, Jordan 35.

Top perfomances of the meet-

8th Boys = Julian Read (Luther) – Four 1st place with three records

8th Girls = Elizabeth Switzer (Jordan) – Three 1st place

8th Girls = Chloe Tilton (Muir) – Two 1st place with one record

7th Boys = Joshua Johnson (Jordan) – Two 1st place both records, also two 2nd place

7th Girls = Sophie Birnbaum (Luther) – Three 1st place with one record

6th Boys = Ricky Perez (Jordan) – Two 1st place with one record, also one 2nd place

6th Boys = Fernando Morales (Muir) Three 1st place

6th Girls = Katie Treadway (Muir) – Four 1st place with one record

Here are the results for the entire meet:

(8th grade)

8th Boys Overall Points
Muir – 68 Muir – 513
Luther – 105 Luther – 418
Jordan – 34 Jordan – 311
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
800 Kasen Barraclough-2:29 M Jimmy Chahal-2:31 L Asif Chowdhury-2:32 L Rakat Raman-2:32 J Ashwin Roy-2:32 L
70 M  H Julian Read-10.5 L Darnell Williams-10.53 L Xavier Dixon-10.75 M Carson Clark-11.34 J Gavin Aguilar-13.2 J
4×100 Carvajal, Read, Williams, Cruz-50.6 L record Wilkerson, Kahan, Truong, Carbajal-52.24 M Herndon-Hummel, Varela, Clark, Hebri-52.57 J
1600 Alex Hirsch-4:57 L record Kasen Barraclough-5:44 M Rafael Lopez-5:46 M Asif Chowdhury-5:56 L Billy Singleton-5:59 J
100 Julian Read-12.4 L record Makai Wilkerson-12.9 M Jaden Varela-13.12 J Spencer Herndon-Hummel-13.13 J Darnell williams-13.32 L
400 Drew Gorsuch-59.1 L Alex Carvajal-59.3  L Hakob Anassian-63.0 M Rafael Lopez-66.4  M Kevin Rickman-68.4  J
200 Makai Wilkerson-26.7 M Drew Gorsuch-26.8  L Jaden Varela-27.3 J Spencer Herndon-Hummel-27.68 J Asif Chowdhury 27.82  L
Mile Relay Arroyo, Cavajal, Gorsuch, Calderon-4:13.1 L Lopez, Anassian, Edgar, Aguilar-4:21.3  M Villigran, Rahman, Rickman, Singleton-4:26 J
High Jump Julian Read-5’6″ L  tied record Bryce Upshur-5’2″ J Erwin Hartoonian-4’8″ M Hamlet Garibyan-4’8″ M Rory Ricky-4’8″ M
Long Jump Alex Carvajal-17’2″ L Ben Kanan-15’9″ M Christian Arroyo-15’3″ L Bryan Sosa-14’6″ M Jaden Varela-13’7″  J
Shot Put Erwin Hernandez-35’2″ L Jacob Real-35’1″ J Julian Renaud-33′ 0″ M Darnell Williams-32’7″ L Dale Osborne-32’5″ M
Pole Vault
8th Girls
Muir – 87
Luther – 60
Jordan – 60
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
800 Emily Virtue-2:30 L record Bene Snyder-2:43 M Hannah Fierro-2:57 L Monica Labib-3:02 M Abril Leonyuelez-3:06 M
70 M  H Chloe Tilton-11.3  M record Marin Grote-11.66 J Gabby Perrz-11.71 J Erin Lashkari-11.89 M Alice Martinez-12.2 L
4×100 Talavera, Kasper, Kasim, Switzer-57.5 J Lashkari, Hernandez, Verhoeven, Torosyan-58.4 M Rendon, Mancilla, Sanchez, Akobian-59.65 L
1600 Emily Virtue-5:32 L record Amanda Kim-6:20-M Allie Benson-6:25 M Catrina Villapando-6:42 J Monica Labib-6:55 M
100 Elizabeth Switzer-14.1  J Kate Jones-14.5  L Erin Lashkari-14.1 M Noor Kasim-15.13  J Kamryn Hernandez-15.37  M
400 Chloe Tilton-67.9  M Amanda Kim-70.5  M Catrina Villapando-74.3  J Hannah Fierro-76.3  L Samantha Frias-79.1  J
200 Bene Snyder-30.7 Erin Lashkari-31.3  M Maya Paredes-31.5 J Alina Portillo-33.01 L Hannah Fierro-33.4  L
Mile Relay Virtue, King, Staub, Jensen  M Broderick, Morlian, Temurian, Cowart L Wilson, Villapando, Manahan, Romano J
High Jump Marin Grote-4’10”  J Rachel Rushing-4’2″ M Amy Tran-4’2″ M Rose Felichia-4’0″ Faith Ricotta-4′  L
Long Jump Elizabeth Switzer-13’7″  J Alexandra Akopbian-12’8″ L Camryn Thompson-12’6″ L Nicole McCord-12′ 3″  M Macie Jensen-12’2  L
Shot Put Macie Jensen-32’1″  L Zoe Hellwig-30’7″ J Amber Kassens-29’6″ M Julia Hank-27’6″ M Cassidy McNeal-26′ J
Pole Vault Alexandra Akobian-7’6″ L record

(7th grade)

7th Boys
Muir – 107
Luther – 41
Jordan – 59
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
800 Luke Johnson-2:34 M Ethan Galloway-2:36 L Tim Gibbs-2:38 M Chase Legorreta-2:38 J Jade Martin-2:38 M
70 M  H Christian Ramos-10.7  M Chance Van Hook-11.16 M Reigh Abaoag-11.17  J Jake Panikowski-12.21 J Nico Chuidian-13.03 L
4×100 Rozo, Van Hook, Ramos, Harutyunyan-52.89  M record Brenes, Johnson, Galloway, Ruiz-56.07 L Panikowski, Terry, Johnson, Abaoag-DQ J
1600 Luke Johnson-5:37 M Chris Stanis-5:57 M Jae Lee-5:57 M Blak Sprow-6:07  J Cesar Cuevas-6:11 J
100 Joshua Johnson-12.4 J  record Maurice Rozo-12.9 M Chance Van Hook-12.91 M Nico Chuidan-13.27 L Jose Brenes-13.46 L
400 Estavan Solis-63.3 J Maurice Rozo-63.6 M Nico Chuidian-65.7 L Luke Kvarda-67.9 Sebastian Rodriguez-67.96 M
200 Joshua Johnson-25.8 J  record Nico Chuidan-28.2 L Jake Panikowski-28.3 J Christian Ramos-28.34 M Maurice Rozo-28.35 M
Mile Relay Rodriquez, Gibbs, Reyes, Melkomian  M Brenes, Johnson, Galloway, Ruiz  L Olson, Protzman, Lugerreta, Solis J
High Jump Chance Van Hook-5’0″ M Joshua Johnson-4’8″ J Eric Harutyunyan-4’8″ M Cody Winters-4’6″  M Steve Johnson-4’6″ L
Long Jump Reigh Abaoag-16’5″ J Jose Brenes-14’6″ L Carter Kissinger-14’4″ M Jesse Rodriguez-13’4″ Chase Legorreta-13’2″ J
Shot Put Carter Kissinger-36’3″  M Jake Barraza-35’3″ L Kalam Park-35″0″ M Johnathon Chavez-34’5″ J Reigh Abaoag-34’3″ J
Pole Vault
7th Girls
Muir – 82
Luther – 65
Jordan – 59
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
800 Sophie Birnbaum-2:44 L record Emily Udall-2:51 M Jamie Levin-3:02 M Lindsay Galiardi-3:03  M Kimberly Ochoa-3:21 M
70 M  H Jada Martinez-Rees-12.1 L Mikayla Gardner-12.81 J Nina Agaroian-12.89 M Samantha-Leano-13.01 L Gala Chirino-15.25 J
4×100 Rievers, Brown, Erickson, De Herrera-56.8 J  record Eaton, Urrego, Davis, Rigor-1.00.13-M Dickens, Escamilla, Martinez-Rees, Nealis-1.00.65  L
1600 Sophie Birnbaum-6;04  L Isabel Partida-6:12 J Lakely Nealis-6:17  L Alex Davis-6:38 M Emily McHorney-6:39  L
100 Nyilah Brown-14.3 J Phoenix Rievers-14.41 J Samantha Eaton-14.08- M Jada Martinez-Rees-15.01  L Nicole Urrego-15.2  M
400 Lakely Nealis-67.9 L Samantha Eaton-70.8  M Isabel Partida-71.1 J Penny Yokas-77.3 M Camila Panzo-88.4 J
200 Kaitlion Escamilla-31.1  L record Jazmine Chavez-31.5 J Ashleigh Martinez-31.9  M Desiree Gomez-32.7  M
Mile Relay Nealis, Birnbaum, McHorney, Avendano  L Eaton, Yokas, Martinez, Geerlings M Gonzalez, Chavez, Ellingwood, Jackson  M
High Jump Alejandra Diaz-4’2″ M Penny Yokas-4’0″  M Kaitlin Escamilla-4’0″ L Sophia Kestenian-3’10” M Hannah Macaranas-3’8″ L
Long Jump Mikayla Gardner-12’4″ J Marine Keshishyan-11’8″  M Jada Martinez-Rees-11’7″ L Nikki Sabo-10’11” J Kazz Balanos-10’6″ M
Shot Put Robin Kassens-31’8″ M Gariden Dixon-25’6″ M Julianna Van Loo-25’1″ J Marly Khanlerian-24’7″ M Sofia Aslanyan-24’6″ L
Pole Vault Emily McHorney 4’5″ L

(6th grade)

6th Boys
Muir – 79
Luther – 64
Jordan – 64
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
800 Ellington Simmons-2:43 J Benjamin Burnham-2:44  M Autin Barrondo-2:45  L Hudson Bartram-2:50 J Byran David 3:00 M
70 M  H Fernando Morales-11:59  M Ryan Thomas-11:57  L Emery Goulet-11:59  L Nathan Mai-12:00 M Abihud Munoz-Vargas-12.5 J
4×100 Goulet, Workman, Gerlach, White-58.9  L MacDonald, Dolatshahi, Mai, Arsenian-59.9 M Munoz-Varga, Perez,Bartram Smart-Robinson 1.00.2 J
1600 Nicholas Santizo-5:47 L Daniel Nelson- 5:49 J Austin Barrondo-5:50 L Benjamin Burnham-6:16 M Gabe Gott-6:19 L
100 Kourosh Dolatshahi-14.6  M Ricky Perez-14.7 J Quentin White-14.8 L Ajaidyn Smart-Robinson-14.9 J Cole Workman-15.1 L
400 Fernando Morales-67.4  M Ellington Simmons-67.5 J Cole Workman-71.1 L Austin Barrondo-74.5 L Trent MacDonald-78.09 M
200 Ricky Perez-29.8 J  record Ian Miller-30.9 L Logan Berger-31.3 L Justin Robinson-32.3 M Ajaidyn Smart-robinson-37.2 J
Mile Relay Munoz-Vargas, Conlan, Perez, Simmons-4:75.6 J Cardenaz, Smith, White, Arrondo-5:00.2 L Morales, MacDonald, Burham, Loera-5:01.7
High Jump Fernando Morales-4’4″ M Ellington Simmons-4’2″ J Emery  Goulet-4’0″ L Malakai Rojas-3’10” M Obed Estrada-3’8″ J
Long Jump Luis Martinez-13’9″-M Nathan Mai-13’5″ M Cole Workman-12’2″ L Obed Estrada-11’4″ J Adan Perez-10’8″ L
Shot Put Chris Rodriguez-32’7″ J Emery Goulet-31’7″ L Naseer Habeeb-27’4″ L Quinton White-27’0″ L CarlosMora Martinez-25’2″ J
Pole Vault
Kevin Herrera-5’0″ L
6th Girls
Muir – 104
Luther – 68
Jordan – 35
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
800 Ava Kramer-2:58 L Mariana Valadez-3:01 L Julia Skillsky-3:02 M Madeleine Lingad-3:03 L Natalie Linlow-3:06 M
70 M  H Kiara Teixeira-12.2 M Kendall Jensen-12.6 L Orla Giffen-14.0 J Elyse Cervik-14.2 L Michaela Haas-14.4 J
4×100 Miller, Treadway,Azurin-Sugars, Winfree-1.00 M Heschong, Hickman, Giffen, Cashman-101.65 J Jensen, Green, Cervik, Valadez-1:03.45 L
1600 Olivia Cashman-6:16 J Ava kramer-6:34 L Sol Fernandez-6:43 M Natalie Kinlow-7:08 M Gayne Mkrtchyan-7:20 M
100 Katie Treadway-14.8  M Lindsay Miller-14.9 M Elyse Cervik-15.1 L Asha Hickman-15.2  J Madeleine Lingard-15.3  L
400 Christine Briones-1:17.1  M Ava Kramer-1:18.5  L Asha Hickman-1:19  J Madeleine Lingard 1:21.1  L Sol Fernandez 1:21.4 M
200 Katie Treadway-31.9 M  record Olivia Cashman-33.1  J Lindsay Miller-33.3 M Eliza Herchong-34.2  J Mikayla Hayes-34.9 J
Mile Relay Fernandez, Briones, Lopez, Teixeira-5:20.4  M Greene, Saroyan, Haas, Wilson-5:48  J Kramer, Burras, Leiva, Beltran-6:08 L
High Jump Katie Treadway-4”2″-M Jossie Anderson 4’0″-L Alyssa Torres-3’10” M Kendall Jensen-3’10” M Kiara Teixeira-3’8″ M
Long Jump Kiara Teixeira-12’1″ M Alice Weber-12’0″ M Lindsay Miller-11’10” M Victoria Ramirez-11’8″ M Hanna Savola-10’2″ L Tied
Shot Put Kendal Jensen-25’1″ L Jacquelina Garcia-23’1″ M Sabrina Englebrecht-23’1″ L Danielle Morejan-22’4″ M Hanna Savola-22’1″ L
Pole Vault