John Muir Middle School Students Visit Washington


A group of students from John Muir Middle School are in Washington, DC,  learning about our nation’s capitol during their spring break. In addition to gaining first hand experience with late spring snow storms, the students are also gaining valuable knowledge about how our government works.

On Wednesday the 25 students and chaperones met with Rep. Adam Schiff on the East Side steps of the Capitol Building, just prior to morning votes.  Schiff represents the 28th Congressional District, which includes most of Burbank.

“It was a privilege to meet these students and answer their important questions on issues ranging from gun violence prevention to sequestration,” said Congressman Schiff. “And the ‘best’ part? They taught me about the Harlem Shake. I can always count on my younger constituents to keep me on my toes!”

According to Patrick Boland, Communication Director for Schiff, the students asked a number of questions ranging from the threat facing the U.S. by rogue nations such as North Korea, to how sequestration would affect funding for education both locally and nationally, as well as the prospects for a bipartisan budget deal.

Schiff Muir Students

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