Join the Fit Family at Fitiquity Gym, Free Three Day Pass Here

Fitiquity Gym. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Fitiquity gym celebrated their 3 year anniversary this past June and is inviting the public to come try their facility with a free three day trial.  

Fitiquity has everything a gym needs but with that small neighborhood feel.  Unlike the franchise gyms, when you’re here, you’re part of the family.  Owners and brothers, Tisto and Trent Chapman opened Fitiquity in June of 2020 and have made the business a family affair.  Tisto and Trent’s sons, Jade, Josh, and Tisto Jr. are also trainers and co-operators at the gym, and son, Isaiah, does the gym’s billing.

Brothers, Tisto and Trent Chapman, with their kids.

Tisto has been a trainer for over 35 years and started training and competing in natural bodybuilding competitions in 1993.  The brothers have had numerous ties to the gym world including Powerhouse, Nautilus, and World Gym, but when they saw this location vacant they knew they had to jump on it.

“The best part about being the owner of the gym is meeting people that all have a common goal in health and fitness,” says Chapman. Also knowing we are part of their journey for their fitness goals, and creating an environment so the whole family can come and work out together.”

The name Fitiquity comes from the collaboration of the words fitness and equity, which is fitting since the gym treats and values its members like family. Their website reads, “Our culture promotes body positivity and self-care. We strive to make fitness part of a lifestyle where getting and staying fit is easy and fulfilling.”

Stephanie Yosh has been a member for a year and a half.  “Fitiquity is my first ‘real Gym’ after attending a bootcamp for 3 years. I met Tisto within my first week, and Gary (the manager) gave me a tour and showed me how to use the equipment I wasn’t familiar with. I felt comfortable and as a female in a gym, we don’t always get that experience. So to feel that way within my first few weeks there was great and it helped me stay encouraged to keep going,” said Yosh. “What makes this gym so special and unique is the family. Every member here is treated like family. You won’t find that at a big box gym.” 

Located on the corner of Hollywood Way and Victory Blvd. (2010 N Hollywood Way), the large-sized facility has an abundance of available parking and as a full service gym it includes updated cardio equipment, weight-training equipment and free weights, a full-sized boxing ring and boxing bag area, a spacious aerobics room, and a spin room with state-of-the-art bikes.  The bikes even have pedal clips and straps which can accommodate non-cycling shoes. 

Fitiquity also has a number of classes available, which are all free to members, something Chapman is very proud to provide to the Fitiquity family.  Classes include spin, bootcamp, Zumba, boxing, silver sneakers, and cardio kickboxing. For a schedule of classes visit their website here.

Josh Chapman can be found at Fitiquity every single day training clients, training himself, or in the boxing ring. He focuses on boxing, weight loss, bodybuilding as well strength and conditioning.  “Fitiquity gives a great sense of community in a gym where myself and others feel comfortable and motivated to be the best we can be, whether that be in trying to lose some weight for a wedding or trying to get ready for a fight, we can help with either,” says Chapman.

Sugar Ray Leonard with Josh Chapman at Fitiquity.

The full-size ring provides members with access to one-on-one boxing training, group classes, and opportunities for hands on sparring experiences. Tyler Gogerty is a 14 year old student at Burroughs High School who has been doing one-on-one training as well as guided sparring with Chapman in the boxing ring for the last six months. “Fitiquity gym has not only been a place for me to reach my fitness goals and be a stronger person, but it’s a place where you feel welcomed and seen,” said Gogerty. “Everyone there is kind and always willing to help you become the best you can be. The community around me in the gym aspires me to be a better a person, physically and mentally.”

For those interested in personal training, Fitiquity offers complimentary custom workout programs, but also has in-house and independent contractor trainers available at all times. “We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often fails. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle,” reads their website. “We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle.”

The best part of Fitiquity is that there are no contracts, no initiation fees, and all classes and spaces are included in the membership. It’s just $50/month to be a part of the Fitiquity family, and the price drops to $40/month per person when two or more people sign up. Click here for a 360 degree tour of the gym.

The Chapman brothers are excited to grow their gym and bring in more Burbank families to be a part of their fitness world. To get a three day free pass and try out Fitiquity, click here.