“Joslyn Oasis”: More Than Just a Park

By On April 16, 2014

Monetary donations are still being accepted toward the construction of Joslyn Oasis, the new outdoor recreation and garden space adjacent to the Joslyn Adult Center. Members of Leadership Burbank’s Class of 2014 have volunteered hundreds of hours deconstructing and redesigning what used to be the center’s shuffleboard court.  Dedication of the site is set for May 3rd, but there is still a lot of work to be done.


MyBurbank.com recently spoke with the Joslyn Adult Center’s recreation supervisor, Gayle Migden, about the big changes, and their long-term impact on the center’s participants and community at large.


MyBurbank.com:  How long had the shuffleboard court been inactive before Leadership Burbank decided to bring the space back to life?


Gayle Migden: When Joslyn was built in 1972, shuffleboard was really in. The court sat on the corner of Olive Avenue and Griffith Park Drive, and it was utilized every single morning, at least 5 days a week. Eventually, that interest faded either thru attrition, or people passed away, and no one would commit to the care of the court.  It wasn’t until Leadership Burbank approached us that we realized no one had played shuffleboard since 1999.  So that corner has been unused, untouched, riddled with leaves for 15 years.


MB.com: Once the Oasis is finished, how will the center’s participants (ages 55 and up) benefit?


GM: I think our participants feel safe at the center, so it’s really an outdoor area where they can feel connected to our building.  It’s wonderful for them to have this space, where they can enjoy the fresh air with other people, or just sit out there and read or listen to music. We’re also going to have some of our activities out there – maybe Tai Chi or dance classes.


MB.com:  While your participants will get to enjoy Joslyn Oasis every day, why do you see it as a long-term gift for the entire community?


GM: Long term means forever: how many things can you say are forever that are truly forever? Joslyn Oasis is here for generations to come – this is the future.  We couldn’t be any prouder that the 24 people in Leadership Burbank’s Class of 2014 connected to us and really challenged themselves to take on this effort.


The Joslyn Adult Center is located at 1301 W. Olive Avenue in Burbank.   For more information on the project, visit www.leadershipburbank.org/projects.  Anyone wanting to make a donation or become a sponsor may do so at www.leadershipburbankjoslyn.org/how-to-help.