Judge Rules That City has Right to Remove Parkway Trees


Judge Joel L. Loften of the Los Angeles County Superior Court lifted a temporary restraining order, allowing for the emergency removal of seven Aleppo Pine trees on N. Niagara Street, and one Stone Pine tree on E. Santa Anita Avenue.

Previously, the “Guardians of the Pines” – a group of City residents – petitioned the Court to prevent the City from removing any of the more than 100 Aleppo Pines the City’s experts have deemed dangerous, including those at risk of imminent failure. In response to that petition, the Court previously halted the City from removing the trees while the City undertakes environmental review of a long-term solution, but today, the Court recognized the need to act urgently on these eight specific trees. All eight trees have been carefully studied and deemed an imminent risk of failure by the City as well as outside arboriculture experts. The eight trees will be removed immediately to protect the public health and safety and/or property.

Burbank is proud to be recognized as a Tree City USA for nearly 50 years and is committed to responsibly managing all 33,000 city trees. Furthermore, each Pine that is removed will be replaced. The new trees will not only be more robust but will also be better suited for their environment, benefiting the community in numerous ways, from cleaner air to noise reduction. The City continues to work separately on a longer-term reforestation plan for the entire City, to ensure the sustainability, health, and beauty of its urban forest.

For more information, please visit www.BurbankCA.gov/CityReforestation

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