Just What are Those Public Works Employees Up To All Year?


BPW Picnic-1In celebration of Public Works Week, Burbank’s Public Works Department had a small picnic for the employees to thank them for all the hard work they do daily. They enjoyed some games, some awards and a good lunch in the shade of Stough Park.

The employees this past year have made sure Burbank is well kept, trash is dumped and streets cleaned. Here are just some of the stats of what they have completed this past year:

Since June 1, 2012, the Burbank Public Works Department has:

o   Resurfaced 30 lane miles – or 86 blocks – of street

o   Repaired over 300,000 square feet (or about 6 linear miles) of sidewalk

o   Built 165 new pedestrian curb cuts

o   Diverted 65% of our solid waste  through our recycling, composting, and zero waste efforts;

o   Issued and inspected 2,700 permits for work in the public right of way

o   Handled more than 52,000 phone calls

o   Completed 3,500 building maintenance work orders

o   Completed more than 16,000 vehicle repairs

o   Picked up 18,557 bulky items

o   Safely buried 34,000 tons of solid waste in our landfill

o   Painted 154,000 feet of curb

o   Addressed 2,410 traffic signal issues

o   Saved $30,000 per year by taking over weed abatement in the alleys from the County

o   Cleaned more than 50 miles of alleys

o   Swept about 24,000 miles of streets (about the circumference of planet Earth!)

o   Cleaned 345 miles of sewer line

o   Treated some 1.2 billion gallons of sewage

o   Kept 532,000 square feet of City buildings sparkly clean.

o   And loved almost every moment of it!

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