Katia Carboni Shares Her Skincare Experiences to Teach People to Love Their Face


    Katia Carboni is a Burbank resident, mother, and business owner.  Her skincare studio, Hello Face, is located inside Salon Republic at the Burbank Town Center and offers beauty services like brow tweezing and styling, facials, facial waxing and makeup.

    Nineteen years ago Carboni switched career goals and education to pursue makeup and skincare at Burbank’s Make-up Designory (MUD) school.  “I remember one day, I had books spread across my bed, scribbled notes everywhere, uninspired. I wasn’t happy. I knew there was a disconnect and I wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted,” said Carboni, who took the leap at the MUD Los Angeles campus and has now been doing makeup and skincare for half of her life.

    At Hello Face, Carboni builds relationships with her clients to learn their skincare habits and be apart of their rejuvenation journey. “It’s not just about facials and skincare products for me, because really you can get those mostly anywhere. It’s the connection and the ongoing relationship and trust we build,” added Carboni. “Skincare is personal, and therefore, building trust is paramount.” Her mission is for her clients to leave her studio feeling refreshed and glowing while having the best version of their skin they can have.

    On December 12th, Carboni will be holding a Love Your Face event at her studio from 4-7pm and is encouraging the public to stop by, say hello and talk to Carboni about their skin concerns.  Carboni will have branded sweet treats, raffle prizes, and tips and demos on the skincare line she carries in the studio called Comfort Zone. “I’ve finally found a skincare line that I’m excited about and want to share it with everyone,” said Carboni. Ultimately, the goal of the event is to get people talking about their skin and teaching them to love their face, imperfections and all.

    Over the last three years, Carboni struggled with personal dermatitis that caused skin rashes and bumps around her nose and mouth. “I tried mostly everything that was recommended to me, including all the products that were prescribed from several different dermatologists,” said Carboni. She soon went on her own personal journey to find the perfect combination for her condition and discovered relief among Comfort Zone’s Microalgae Essence and Youth Serum. “It dawned on me that really what my skin needed was the right kind of hydration to heal itself, and I think the combination of both those products together did the trick for me,” she added.

    To learn more about Hello Face and their services, visit them at helloface.com or stop by the event on December 12th and start the journey to loving your face.


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