Keller Williams Realty Will Celebrate “Red Day” By Helping Homeless Families With Children


Most people look forward to receiving presents on their birthday.  Mo Anderson, one of the founders of Keller-Williams Realty, is no exception.  In fact, it’s become a nine-year tradition to honor her birthday on the second Thursday of May, designated as “Red Day.”

And so next Thursday, May 14, all 180,000 Keller-Williams agents across the country will join together to present Anderson with her birthday gift: a day of service to others.

“In Burbank, the Keller-Williams agents have been supporting the Monterrey Continuation School, donating items like graphing calculators and overhead projectors and career fairs,” explains realtor Karen Volpei.  But the school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak have made them take a different tactic.  “This year we will be asking the community to donate their new and unused gift cards from local restaurants, so we can give them to Family Promise. Gift cards from grocery stores, Target and Walmart are also accepted.”

“So if you want to make a donation, please gather your unused gift cards and by May 14 give me a call at 818-266-9123,” said Volpei. “I’ll arrange to have someone pick up your donation. Or if you prefer, you can drop off your cards on the 14th between 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon, at the parking lot behind the Chamber of Commerce building, corner of Magnolia and Lake. Drive-by donors won’t need to get out of their cars; they can simply hand them to the volunteers stationed there.”

As noted in the Keller-Williams flyer, $25 increments are preferred, although all donations are welcome.

Adds Volpei, “This is a win-win for our local restaurants.”  As is well known, restaurants are among the small businesses hardest hit by the lockdown.

Family Promise of the Verdugos helps homeless families with children in Burbank and surrounding areas, helping them to transition into permanent housing and employment.  At present, there are four families in FPV’s 90-day shelter, and 50 other families sheltering in hotels.  “As you can imagine, meals are a challenge,” said FPV Executive Director Albert Hernandez. “There are no stoves or microwaves in the rooms, so being able to purchase a take-out meal from a local restaurant is a real help.” 

“We rely heavily on local volunteers,” continues Hernandez.  “We are so grateful that Keller-Williams in Burbank has chosen to make homeless families with children their focus this year. It shows these families that the community really cares.”

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