Kitten Foster Parents Urgently Needed at the Burbank Animal Shelter


Tidal waves of kittens continue to hit Burbank.  2023 is the busiest year the Burbank Animal Shelter Kitten Foster Program has ever seen.  They’ve fostered over 220 kittens as of today (Normally they foster 250 in a an entire year), and they’re still coming in.  The shelter is bursting at the seams and needs your help! 

The Kitten Foster Program is at a breaking point.  They need your help to save lives!
 If you have a little space (kittens don’t take up much!) please help us by fostering kittens. You’ll be saving lives and you get to play with kittens for a few weeks! It’s a win-win!

Fostering is very rewarding and a lot of fun. Staff will train you and give you everything you need.  Food, litter, pans, medical care, everything is covered. You just supply love and a temporary home for the little kittens.

Can you foster kittens for a few weeks and save lives at the shelter? Click on the Kitten Foster Volunteer page to learn more and sign up!