Kris Jabourian Resigns As Burbank Girls Hoops Coach

Jabourian complied a 22-33 overall mark and a 13-15 record in the Pacific League across two seasons.

Kris Jabourian stepped down as the Burbank girls' varsity basketball coach. (Photo by Austin Gebhardt)

By Rick Assad

Kris Jabourian’s stay at Burbank High wasn’t very long after he resigned his position as the girls’ varsity basketball coach.

In his two seasons as the Bulldogs coach, Jabourian, a one time basketball player at Crescenta Valley,  compiled a 22-33 overall record and a 13-15 mark in the Pacific League.

In his first year, Burbank carved out a 15-14 and 9-5 mark in league which is promising but then the Bulldogs went 7-19 and 4-10 in league the following year.

Here is Jabourian’s letter of resignation in full.

Dear wonderful Burbank Staff

I would like to formally resign from being the girls’ basketball varsity head coach.

Throughout my three years at Burbank High, the amount of support that you guys have provided me with, starting with trusting a 26-year-old young man to coach and lead wonderful young ladies, to having my back through thick and thin.

I want to thank Julie Markussen for showing all her love and care through the past two years. I want to thank John Wells for letting me stroll into his office and letting me vent about anything and everything and for supporting me through any ups and downs.

Thank you Megan Burkhart for listening to me talk your ear off about anything.

Thank you Allison McKain for being the hardest working Athletic Director I have ever worked with.

From staying on campus till 9 p.m. on a school day to sitting down in your office on a Sunday for three hours to revise a gym schedule that was already published.

Thank you Patrick McMenamin for trusting Bruce Breeden and bringing me on board with the girls in June of 2021.

And last but not least, thank you Bruce Breeden for helping me start my head coaching journey with these wonderful kids and adults on campus.

You’re a great role model, a great coach, a great father, and the list can go on.

I can go on for hours talking about how wonderful all of you are, but my time at Burbank High is over and I will never forget all the memories, friendships, and support I had from everyone.

Thank you,

Kristopher Jabourian

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