Labor Throws Support Behind Tangkhpanya


Press release from Jesse Tangkhpanya campaign:

The Los Angeles Federation of Labor formally endorsed Jesse Tangkhpanya for Burbank School Board today, capping off one of the campaigns largest endorsements to date.

In response to the endorsement, Tangk issued a statement of thanks.

“I’m humbled by the support I have received from working class citizens and educators,” said Jesse Tangkhpanya. “My parents were working class immigrants and taught me that everything my family had was through the good graces and sacrifices of other people. That’s why I chose to become a 10 year advocate for kids, the middle class and the working oor; and that’s why over the course of my career as an activist and advocate, I’ve fought for them every step of the way.”

Earlier this month, Tangkhpanya also received the recommendation of at least 60% of the votes cast from the Democratic Assembly District 43 Delegation and the Los Angeles Democratic Party Central Committee, formally granting him the endorsement of the LA County Democratic Party.

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