Laz Parking Takes Over Burbank’s Parking Enforcement as of June 1


Burbank has announced its selection of LAZ Parking to provide parking enforcement services within its jurisdiction. The decision comes as part of the city’s ongoing efforts to enhance parking compliance and ensure smooth traffic flow throughout the community.

As per the agreement, LAZ Parking will be responsible for promoting parking compliance by issuing citations to violators of both the Burbank Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code. The enforcement services will be in effect seven days a week, with varying hours of operation.

In instances when LAZ Parking personnel are not available, the Burbank Police officers will promptly respond to calls for service. This collaboration aims to ensure that parking enforcement remains efficient and reliable at all times.

To ensure their identification, all LAZ Parking personnel will be attired in a distinctive blue polo-style uniform. The uniforms will bear the inscription “City of Burbank Parking Enforcement” clearly visible on the shirt sleeves. This measure is intended to enhance transparency and allow residents and visitors to easily identify authorized parking enforcement personnel.

Moreover, LAZ Parking’s dedicated fleet of white Toyota Corollas will be prominently marked with the label “City of Burbank Parking Enforcement” on the sides. This visible branding on the vehicles will help eliminate confusion and reinforce the legitimacy of the parking enforcement operations.

Residents and visitors of Burbank are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these changes to ensure a smooth transition and cooperation with the new parking enforcement provider. It is essential for all community members to adhere to the parking regulations outlined in the Burbank Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code to avoid citations.

For any inquiries or to report parking-related issues, residents and visitors can contact the Burbank Police Traffic Bureau at (818) 238-3110 or reach out to LAZ Parking The parking enforcement office is conveniently located at 200 N. Third St. in Burbank.

The City of Burbank looks forward to a successful collaboration with LAZ Parking, working together to maintain parking compliance and improve the overall parking experience for all stakeholders in the community.

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