Letter to the Editor: Statement From the Burbank Armenian Association


Letter to the Editor:

The Burbank Armenian Association, rooted deeply in the vibrant Armenian community of Burbank and beyond, stands as a beacon of cultural, educational, and social welfare. With heavy hearts, we express our profound concern for our brothers and sisters in the Republic of Artsakh. This cherished region, echoing with the songs and stories of generations of Armenians, is now ensnared in a suffocating blockade by Azerbaijan.

Imagine, if you will, the chilling winter of December 12, 2022. As snow blanketed the Lachin corridor, the lifeline road to Armenia, Azerbaijan began its blockade under the guise of “eco-activists.” The road’s heartbeat grew fainter as Azerbaijani forces expanded their stranglehold, severing alternative routes and casting shadows with military checkpoints. Essential lifelines like gas, electricity, and internet have been cruelly snuffed out, plunging Artsakh into a cold silence.

The spirit of Artsakh’s people remains unbroken, but their daily lives bear the scars of this blockade. Essential supplies dwindle. Hospital lights dim, postponing vital surgeries. Breadwinners return home with despair in their eyes, jobs lost, and the haunting specter of hunger looms over countless families. The very soul of Artsakh trembles, not just from deprivation, but from the indignities, intimidation, and injustices inflicted by Azerbaijani forces.

This is not just a blockade; it’s a heart-wrenching affront to humanity, threatening the delicate tapestry of peace and stability that binds our people together. Echoes of past agreements and international laws, including the 2020 ceasefire and the inherent right of self-determination for Artsakh, seem forgotten amidst this crisis. Every stifled voice, every darkened home, weakens the diligent peacekeeping endeavors of the OSCE Minsk Group.

We, at the Burbank Armenian Association, pledge our unwavering support for peaceful, community-driven actions. With tears in our eyes but resolve in our hearts, we call for justice, peace, and above all, compassion. Let’s unite in our commitment to shine a light on this humanitarian tragedy, for in unity, we find strength. Your understanding and heartfelt compassion mean the world to us.

Burbank Armenian Association


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