Letter: Attend Airport Commission Meeting

Bob Hope Airport Exex. Director Dan Feger speaks to the crowd about how the Airport is looking forward to working together. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

I don’t know how else to publicize this.  The Airport Authority has called a special meeting for Monday morning, February 9 at 9am.  In short, they’re proposing a series of demands that Burbank’s City Council must make certain commitments with regard to a proposed new terminal project and the public vote for that project, and do so BEFORE the new council is seated.

It’s my hope the Mayor will call for a special meeting this weekend ordering Burbank’s commissioners to vote against this proposal.  That may not be sufficient to stop it if ALL commissioners for Glendale and Pasadena vote in favor.

This stunt includes a threat to withdraw the promised “super majority” requirement for any changes to the so-called “Voluntary Curfew” and aspects of the proposed terminal.  I warned last year that yanking this supposed benefit would be used as a cudgel against Burbank residents, but even I hadn’t imagined it would come this soon.

Please consider being at the Airport Authority meeting at 9am on Monday morning.  Parking is validated, and meetings are held in the “Skyroom”

Please help spread the word.


Will Rogers

    CBIS DataTax