Letter to the Editor: Councilman Frutos and Wife Laura Sending Words of Support


With the recent tragic events in Dallas, I believe it is time of us, residents of Burbank to express our support for our Burbank Police Department:

“For everybody who has a relative in law enforcement or knows somebody in law enforcement and for those citizens who respects the job officers do, we know last Thursday marked a very sad day in Law Enforcement. My husband is a retired police officer and we cannot imagine the grief the officers in The Dallas Department must be feeling. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the fallen officers in Dallas Texas.
We also want to take the time to express our support and appreciation for the Burbank Police Department as the Officers keep our city safe. We are also keeping our Officers in our thoughts and prayers and we “Thank you” for protecting our precious community.”


Laura and Bob Frutos

    BurCal Apartments8715