LETTER: New Bikeway Unifying Factor for Community


The new Western Channel Bikeway Phase II pathway planned along Burbank’s Western Flood Channel will be a much greater unifying factor for this community than the new Caltrans I-5 HOV lanes currently being built over Burbank.  When completed, the pathway promises to greatly improve active mobility access for those who travel in Burbank by making walking and riding a bike safer and easier, especially for seniors, women, children, disabled-users and families.

Final approval for completion of this totally-funded new section of pathway comes before the City Council at Thursday’s special meeting.

It’s encouraging to see city leaders moving forward with the plans approved some time ago by the Burbank Bicycle Master Plan, completing important pedestrian and bicycle connections to Burbank’s transit hubs and working/living locations.  Developed with community input, this final section of pathway is a well-conceived project that helps unify a neighborhood and a city, while providing viable transportation choices to many more people.

Victory Boulevard and Lake Street are the current main arterial streets in that area connecting people to housing, jobs, goods, services, and transit hubs, but neither are well-suited for making those connections on your bicycle.

By completing this project, the City will be taking a step closer to realizing the vision set forth in the Bicycle Master Plan to integrate a unified network for safe, easy biking in Burbank connecting to regional bike routes and local transit.

Active-transportation infrastructure is more than a practical, cost-effective solution to many municipal challenges. It’s an opportunity to make our community a vibrant destination for residents and visitors alike — a place where people don’t just live and work, but thrive.


Patrick Dickson