Letter to the Editor: Developer is Thanked for Work With Horse Trail


Letter to the Editor:

It was nice to see a settlement to the Pickwick development. I wanted to personally thank the Developer for his willingness to have a protected horse trail as part of his development plan to keep our equestrian community safe.  It should be noted his willingness to provide the trail when I met with him in August 2021, and several times in early 2022 the last meeting was April 13, 2022. At the April 18, 2022 meeting when Council denied the project he mentioned at that meeting he was building a horse trail [in Burbank’s records]. This trail was not added as part of a settlement, he was always willing and we thank him.  Christopher Rizzotti and i have been working with Council and Staff as far back as early March to provide an extensive trail [not just around the site] to provide a safe environment for equestrians. We hope this is only the beginning to make a complete safe trail happen.

Below is the architect’s schematic of the trail required to continue the plan.

Jay Geisenheimer

Image supplied by the author
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