Letter to the Editor: After Saving the Colony Theatre, Don’t Forget the Burbank Little Theatre


Letter to the Editor:

Like many concerned, theatre-loving Burbank residents, I watched City Council, in a lengthy special Wednesday meeting, recommend the city offer the operations contract for the Burbank Center Stage to the Colony Theatre Group. I also watched as Council members stated over and over that theatre in Burbank needed to grow in general and that the highly-impressive Y/Conundrum and Greenhouse presentations should be given consideration within the Colony’s plans going forward. And before all of that, nearly 90 people made their love of local theatre known in public comment.

So it’s with supreme bafflement that I ask about the municipal “wisdom” of the planned elimination of the existing Burbank Little Theatre in the coming renovation of George Izay Park in favor of an always-vague “Multi-Purpose Room.” The decision to simply tear down an existing theatre, with plenty of existing infrastructure (and free parking) is now, more than ever, an ENORMOUS mistake in light of an issue Council considered so important as to schedule a marathon special session after an already-too-long city review.

Renew/Reuse/Recycle/Rethink/Restore/Rebuild this neglected, abandoned, forgotten source of vast creative potential, the Burbank Little Theatre in George Izay Park.

Isabel Omero

    BurCal Apartments8715