Letter to the Editor: Another Accident at Buena Vista and Burbank on New Years Day Rattles Resident


Letter to the Editor:

I am very much bothered as to not seeing any news on this horrific accident that occurred only 15 minutes into the New Year!

I have lived on this horrible Blvd for Over 25 years and every member of my family has lost a parked car due to reckless driving by others.

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We have even had a car fly onto our front lawn!

This New Years Eve came in with a bang making our home shake like an earthquake the car hit with such speed!

Crashing into my sons truck flipping it onto the sidewalk and continuing on to destroy two more parked cars.

Thank God no one was killed!

But we also did not get any proof of insurance from the DUI driver the police never gave that to us although insisted my son climb into his totaled vehicle to show proof of his!!!!

The DUI driver tried to run and our neighbors thankfully stopped him!

I don’t get why we were not given more information and treated so poorly ….

When will something be done here at the most deadly intersection?

The curve I believe is a huge factor to the accidents not to mention the 7-11 and alley.

The alley should be cut off totally on both sides and no exit should be allowed on to Buena Vista from the Dunn Edward’s Paint store because they obviously don’t pay attention to the No Left-hand turn sign!!! But most importantly maybe flashing lights on that curve just before the intersection or better yet another signal between Victory and Burbank Blvd to slow these idiots down!

Anyhow I would like help on this incident and how to find the driver who destroyed my sons truck. He was out of state Louisiana which makes it worse yet….thanks.

Penni Katzmann

    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. I don’t know how to help you find the info you need unfortunately, but as a resident on Buena Vista who just had a hit and run on my own parked car and witness a lot of near misses I agree there should be another signal on Buena Vista between victory and Burbank to slow people down. I’ll be looking into starting a petition this year.

    2. This is a very busy intersection for sure. I just can’t imagine them closing the alley like you say. People need to use it.

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