Letter to the Editor: Burbank Councilman Reassures Public


Letter to the Editor:

Friends and Neighbors,

We are going to get through this together.  As you may know, our City has declared a State of Local Emergency as part of a continued, proactive approach towards slowing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

This is unknown territory that we have not experienced before.  We need to remain positive, stay healthy and check up on our neighbors to be sure they’re doing well.   This said alone, I understand if some residents will worry about uncertainty or feel anxious.  You are not alone.    

Please know our City is doing evlwerything possible to maintain our essential services for the residents; our Police Officers are still coming to work, Fire Fighters are still responding to calls, Lights are still on, trash is still getting picked up and Burbank Nutrition Services for Seniors 60+  are available.  Also, our water system is the best out there, we do not need to buy bottled water in most cases.  We have good drinking water. 

We the people of Burbank are going to make it through this. 

Bob Frutos