Letter to the Editor: Burbank Personality Supports Measure QS


Letter to the Editor:

I have said it many times to anyone who would listen and according to the evening ratings at KFI, that number might be fairly small.   I moved to Burbank because of the cops, the schools, and other city services. (This city is a race track and a casino away from being paradise!)   I didn’t have the best experience with LAUSD nor did they have an amazing 12 years with me either, I call it a wash.  I was never a proponent of public schools but that all changed when I moved to Burbank. The schools in Burbank are incredible with the most wonderful teachers and counselors and I want to keep it that way! The politicians in Sacramento are doing a lousy job of providing funding for education, but we can change that here in Burbank. The single best way to keep your property values increasing year to year is to have the greatest school system in SoCal.  Please join me in voting Yes for QS to ensure our local students receive the funding they deserve!

Tim Conway, Jr.
KFI AM 640

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