Letter to the Editor: Burbank Republican Party Upset with myBurbank Coverage and Schultz Policies


Letter to the Editor:

The Burbank Republican Party has endorsed and is actively supporting Tony Rodriguez in his campaign for the State Assembly, District 44.

We noted that your organization interviewed Tony Rodriguez’s opponent, Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz. However, your organization has not reached out to Tony Rodriguez for a similar interview, raising concerns about balanced news reporting. In the past, I have challenged your organization’s commitment to neutrality, and I must do so once more. If myBurbank.com strives to be a true news organization, it is only reasonable to provide all candidates with the opportunity to speak. Should this be an oversight, you have my apologies; however, according to Mr. Rodriguez, he has not been contacted by your team.

It is also noteworthy that we have reached out twice to Mayor Schultz, inviting him to a public debate with our candidate, but we have yet to receive a response. Given the significant economic stakes and human considerations in the region, where some of LA County’s largest and most important employers reside and critical economic decisions are made, it seems only reasonable for your organization to invite our candidate for an interview.

Furthermore, to this day, Mayor Schultz has continued the persecution of Tinhorn Flats’ owners, wasting tremendous resources on shutting down the business during the pandemic instead of supporting local enterprises.

Under Mayor Schultz, important city business is discussed at the twilight hours of the morning, often past 2:00 a.m., in an obvious plan to discourage public participation. City Council meetings begin with award ceremonies instead of city business, leading to city employees standing around being paid massive overtime. In one instance, a police officer was asked to show up for five hours at $136 an hour, just in case he might be needed for a comment. This wasteful spending has hurt the city, which is now in decay…with the roads and infrastructure here in the worst

condition since I opened my first business here in 1989. Millions of dollars are committed to welfare programs and millions more allocated to alleged homeless programs for a very small number of people who could be served by local nonprofits.

Mayor Schultz has made a declaration of war against the Second Amendment by unequivocally stating he is taking on firearms retailers in the City of Burbank. These businesses not only help our economy but have also proven to be good citizens in the community.

Under Schultz, woke ideologies have been implemented in the city, confusing young students with special interest programs and false narratives perpetuated by the radical activists of the “LGBTQIA+” community.

Mayor Schultz admitted to having voted in favor of a $20+ million substation project under pressure from then-mayor Bob Frutos, without having read the important staff report indicating that the developer could have paid for it himself and placed the substation on his own land, relieving ratepayers of this major expense.

Shockingly, Schultz has accepted donations from unions representing employees he currently serves and manages as mayor, which creates a significant conflict of interest. It comes as no surprise that the overtime of these very same employees, whose union contributed to his campaign for Assembly, has been growing unchecked and is now at the highest levels since I’ve lived here.

Mayor Schultz cannot deny these facts, as they are verified and true!

It is also important to note that candidate Rodriguez has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge from the Americans for Tax Reform, committing to oppose and vote against all tax increases.

There are numerous concerns regarding Nick Schultz that demonstrate he is not a suitable candidate for State Assembly. This should be debated publicly. Actions speak louder than words, and we urge myBurbank.com to host this debate if it considers itself a true news organization.

Christopher Matthew Spencer
Chairman, Burbank Republican Party


Editors Note: The ‘interview’ referenced above was a podcast. myBurbank offered a “Meet the Candidate” podcast to any candidate appearing on the ballot in Burbank during the months of January through March. This invitation was made through social media and via other podcasts and did not reach out to any candidate individually. Nick Shultz’s campaign, like many others, reached out to myBurbank for the podcast. myBurbank DID NOT turn down any candidate request to be on a “Meet the Candidate” podcast. myBurbank will once again host “Meet the Candidate” podcasts for any candidate who requests one between August and November, which we will once again announce through social media and other podcasts. myBurbank has never hosted a debate and does not intend to host any debates because of the costs associated with holding a live debate, which is why we host the “Meet the Candidate” podcasts so candidates have an unabridged platform to share their views and platforms to the public. – Craig Sherwood



    1. Thank you Mr. Spencer for advocating for more political dialogue in this critical race. And thank you to to Mr. Sherwood for clearing stating what MyBurbank is offering candidates. If you are reading this I recommend following MyBurbank’s Youtube Channel, subscribing, and if you are a business to consider advertising with them. Let’s help support the great work they are doing. David Donahue

    2. Mr. Sherwood, you are to be commended for creating this website and all the good it does for the residents of Burbank. Your reporting is concise and excellent. As the creator of this website, it’s your prerogative as to what information you provide to your readers. As such, the hope is, of course, that it will always be fair, informative and balanced.

      We’re currently living in a world that has a tendency toward divisiveness based on politics, race, religion, gender, sexuality, immigration status and age.

      Mr. Spencer’s Letter to the Editor is an example of the despotic GOP’s talking points and horrendously antiquated opinions and ideology.

      This section of Mr. Spencer’s letter is egregiously offensive:

      “Under Schultz, woke ideologies have been implemented in the city, confusing young students with special interest programs and false narratives perpetuated by the radical activists of the “LGBTQIA+” community.”

      The word “woke” has been weaponized by the GOP. It’s meaning has been misinterpreted and warped. The word “woke” merely means to be apprised of all possibilities and awakened to the world around you.

      The most stunningly homophobic bit of Mr. Spencer’s letter is this:

      “Confusing young students with special interest programs and false narratives perpetuated by the radical activists of the “LGBTQIA+” community.”

      The GOP’s appallingly offensive stance on the gay community is well-known to those who are opposed to their need to control those they don’t understand or wish to subvert. This is completely apparent in their stance on the Transgender community.

      Those in the gay community can and will no longer tolerate the GOP’s despotic intention to destroy or subjugate them.

      Mr. Spencer’s letter, well-meaning as it might have been, was poorly thought out and outrageous in its offensiveness to the gay community.

      An apology should be forthcoming.

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