Letter to the Editor: Burbank Writer Thanks Community for Their Support During Strike


Letter to the Editor:

I moved to Burbank twelve years ago, after graduating college in Texas, to pursue a career as a TV writer. For the last 148 days, I have been on strike as a member of the Writers Guild of America West, spending a majority of my picketing hours at the Disney lot on Alameda.

Since moving here, I have loved everything about living in Burbank, and for these past five months, I’ve felt the love right back. Thank you, Burbank, for caring for the writers through this long, hot, and difficult strike.
Thank you to the businesses who opened their doors to us with a discount (Palm Coffee Bar, Trustworthy Brewing), a bathroom (Sotta, Providence Hospital, Kismet Collective), or both. Thank you to the businesses who provided our pickets with a meal (Cane’s) or a snack (Porto’s) or a piece of pizza (Costco)… just to name a few.

Thank you to Bob’s Big Boy for keeping writers fed day in and day out, and an enormous thank you to the good and humble Drew Carey for picking up the bill.  

Thank you to the mayor for walking the lines with us, helping us fight parking tickets, and keeping our streets safe for pedestrians.

Thank you to the neighbors who shared the parking in front of their homes, opened their garages as makeshift storage units, and offered a honk or two or twenty as you went about your day. I can imagine that this noisy, crowded disruption hasn’t been pleasant or easy for many of you. We’re grateful you’ve beared with us, and once SAG-AFTRA gets the deal they deserve, we’ll be out of your hair.
Thank you to all the Burbankians in our sibling unions — IATSE, Teamsters, TAG, DGA, AFM, and all the rest. I know you didn’t choose this fight, and I know you have sacrificed so much. We couldn’t have done any of this without the support you showed the writers and each other — your grocery drives, your resource fairs, your fundraisers. You are everything good about this industry and this city.

Burbank calls itself “a city built by people, pride, and progress” — a motto backed up by indisputable evidence, if you ask me. Thank you, Burbank. I’ll never forget it.
Barbara Friend
    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center