Letter to the Editor: Business Owner Wants Your Help in Stopping “Curb Running”


Letter to the Editor:

The Powerful and somewhat obscure Metro who has billions of dollars in it’s budget, is planning to CUT through Burbank by TAKING AWAY PARKING, DEMOLISHING 2 FT OF SIDEWALK ON BOTH SIDES & REMOVING A 2 LANES OF TRAFFIC from Olive Ave between Buena Vista & First St if they adopt a “Curb Running” program for the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit).  Another option they are considering is “Side Running” that leaves the street parking, doesn’t demo the 2′ of side walk but REMOVES 2 LANES OF TRAFFIC.  

This would drastically change the look and feel of a core artery of our community and your help is needed.  Below are resources and links to information and presentation. 

The attached images are from a Metro staff presentation. 

Link to the metro website regarding this project:


Video of the Metro staff report:


Your Voice & Comments are needed!  There’s still time to act! 

Metro has an email and phone number to contact the Metro project manager and staff working on this project:

Email:    nohopasbrt@metro.net

Phone: 213.418.3228

Call or e-mail before their Jan 19th meeting!

Call or e-mail our 2 Metro board members before their Jan 27th meeting where they will decide!

Glendale City Councilman Ara Ajarian
(818) 548-4844

David Donahue
Burbank Business Owner


    1. I have been studying the Burbank leg of Metro and BurbankBus. These busses have been running virtually empty since before COVID and are almost always empty now.

      Next time you see one, look for yourself.

      The only reason they keep increasing the size of their program is that government will keep adding services until citizens step in and stop it.

      Public transportation is an anachronism in Burbank. Locals use Uber and Lyft to avoid the smells of homeless people who ride on the bus. The bus system has become a limo service for the homeless. If you don’t believe me, ride them.

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