Letter to the Editor: Delivery of Pot to Burbank Residents is Illegal


Letter to the Editor

GE United Technologies, LLC d/b/a Grassdoor sent a direct mail solicitation to Burbankers offering pot delivery to our residents.
The delivery of pot to Burbank residents is illegal. Burbank Municipal Code Section 5-3-210(C) states: “[A]ll deliveries of cannabis are expressly prohibited within the City. No person or entity shall conduct any deliveries of cannabis that either originate or terminate within the City.” 
I sent this letter to Grassdoor CEO Zack Ein: https://bit.ly/3thyjGh
In a recent survey of 1,354 Burbankers, 57% believe that Burbank should maintain a ban on commercial pot sales.
If you received one of these Grassdoor mailers, you can also demand that the City file charges against Zack Ein and his company for their illegal activities.
Contact the following emails:
Code Enforcement: CodeEnf@burbankca.gov
In a research survey of homeless migrants in Seattle 10% came for legal marijuana, so it should come as no surprise to you that the homeless encampments are near pot shops in Los Angeles just outside of Burbank. Source: https://bit.ly/3l5aON4

Christopher Matthew Spencer

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    1. Thank you…Christopher Matthew Spencer for keeping the neighbors informed and looking out for Burbank!

    2. Really? Come on. Burbank PD should Focus on street racing and the illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to high schoolers.
      Cannabis sales are bad?!? Hahaha what year is it 1950?

    3. To Christopher, the bigot who wrote this super un-cool letter: thank you for sharing! You’ve inspired me to get involved in advocating to completely abolish this antiquated, backwards, nonsensical “rule”/city code 🙂

      Stop licking boots and start smoking doobies people! 💖

      • Hello “Austin”,

        Why not post your full name as I do? When you say nasty things about your fellow Burbankers and fellow Americans, isn’t it a good idea to be proud of your free speech and let your friends, family and co-workers know how you speak to others?

        It is America and you have every right to contact your government and speak your mind. Your position is opposed by 57% of Burbankers at the moment.

        57.1% to be precise…oppose commercial pot in Burbank.

        Why not focus on facts rather than use nasty words to attack me? I am among the majority of Burbankers in opposing drugs and drug addiction in our community.

        I am not afraid to speak out. I am a leader and I believe there needs to be more leaders out there. It affects us all as a community.

        “Second, states that commercialized the drug have seen rising rates of youth use, poison center calls and issues with drugged driving. In Colorado and Massachusetts, calls to the
        poison-control center for marijuana exposures—mostly related to ingestion of marijuana
        edibles by children—rose 112% and 140%, respectively, after legalization.”

        Source: The Wall Street Journal (see link: https://bit.ly/2XhBmTf)

        • You claim “In a recent survey of 1,354 Burbankers, 57% believe that Burbank should maintain a ban on commercial pot sales.”

          There are about 75,000 Burbank residents over the age of 21. I wouldn’t call a survey of just 2% of residents who can legally consume cannabis products for medical or recreational purposes to be representative of the community’s opinion on this topic. Who conducted this “survey?”

    4. First off, we aren’t called Burbankers. We are referred to as Burbankians.
      And like stated above, bigger things to be concerned of than Marijuana delivery to peoples homes. That’s taking away my freedom to consume a product that is legal within my state. So the city can kiss that code goodbye.
      And the gateway drug is alcohol, a known poison and toxic to our body. I’m going to smoke my joint now as it’s medicinal properties help this grandma with her debilitating arthritis. And yes marijuana was delivered to my home as I’m not mobile because of my crippling arthritis.
      You have way to much time on your hands and need to move to like Alabama where such petty complaints and irrational concerns exist

      • Dear Grandma J,

        My mother is 94 and doesn’t smoke pot to deal with her crippling arthritis. Delivery of pot to the home is illegal in Burbank and 57% of Burbankers will fight to keep it that way.

        Burbanker is correct Grandma J. It was first used in 1989 by Gano Henry, Jr. See his words in print: http://wesclark.com/burbank/11_30_1889/n.jpg

        There is no call for nasty ad hominem attacks. If you don’t like my words it is nasty to say move away from my home of 31 years. I have every right to fight for my beliefs as you do but I didn’t attack you by telling you to move to Alabama Grandma J.

        Why not post your real name as I do so everyone can see how you treat other Burbankers? You owe me an apology for the nasty unkind remarks.

        I am an American and I do not want pot shops or pot delivery in our city and 57% of Burbankers agree with me.

      • Hello, please post your full name, as I do, so your neighbors know how you treat others in your community and the nasty remarks you make towards your fellow Americans.

    5. This is great news for chronic pain patients who can’t make their way to Studio City / NoHo because now they can get opioids prescribed and delivered next day by CVS.

      As we know, opioids are much, much safer, have no addictive properties, and do wonders for a community’s productivity.

    6. Dear Fellow Burbankers:

      It is illegal for any company to mail ads in the US Mail soliciting drugs that are illegal federally. I am therefore referring this mailer to the United States Postal Inspection Service.

      For those of you who stand up to fight drugs in our community, thank you. The future of our community depends on it.

    7. Goddamit chris. We know you’re taking this trump losing thing pretty hard, but you can just move to Texas bud.

      • It always confuses me why people who have such strong views against the sentiment of the majority of Burbankers leave ad hominem attacks against people on comments. Why don’t you use your real name “Bernard Zanders”?

        What does the 45th President have to do with it? Burbankers have been opposing pot shops in Burbank for as long as I have been alive. 57% oppose. Texas is a beautiful state but Burbank is my home and I’m here to stay. Comments like yours are common. The red herring comments are designed to draw attention away from the actual subject by making it personal.

        Pot-smoking parents make poor choices including allowing their children to smoke pot and being around their children when they smoke pot. Just search YouTube to see the videos. Lots and lots of children are smoking pot with their pot-smoking parents. Don’t take my word for it, just search it.

        There are thousands of headlines like this one:

        “High potency weed linked to psychotic episodes, mysterious vomiting illness in young users”

        See here: https://nbcnews.to/3E8NBlJ

        The pot smokers and addicts can be as upset as they want but the fact remains 57% of the residents of this city are vocally opposed to pot here.

        Keep a watchful eye out on City Council meetings. At least one of the Council members has vocally supported allowing pot shops. Fight them and pot delivery companies.

        I am reporting Grassdoor to the United States Postal Inspection Service since the use of the US mail to solicit pot is illegal too!

        If you receive a mailer from a pot delivery company, report it immediately to:

        United States Postal Inspection Service
        Criminal Investigations Service Center
        Attn: Mail Fraud
        433 W.Harrison Street, Room 3255
        Chicago, Il 60699-3255

        Or call them at 1-877-876-2455

    8. Here’s a idea: why not devote your free time to something constructive and stay the f*** out of people’s personal business. You have no idea why someone might need this naturally occurring substance, or the reason they can’t pick it up at a storefront. Voters decided to make cannabis 100% legal to adults in this state. Trying to invoke a hopelessly outdated city ordinance is pointless, and as pointed out it distracts BPD from far more important problems. If you don’t like the law, then campaign to change it or move to a state where it’s prohibited — although with the current trend in public opinion that’s likely to end up being none of them.

    9. I agree! The headlines are rampant. This is not good and Burbank has a right they follow what we want.
      No legalized pot sales!
      As more states legalize marijuana, more children accidentally ingest THC-laced edibles

    10. I am so sick and tired of the constant barrage of smoke
      from people smoking marijuana in their vehicles while driving.
      Burbank PD needs to enforce all “driving while under the influence”
      of all substances.

    11. This is a health issue at its heart. Cannabis has been altered from a 2% THC naturally occurring plant to a genetically modified & lab altered drug of 20-90% THC which is harmful to the developing brain. United Nations suggests” Limit the THC level to no more than 10-15%. (we limit alcohol content). Only 21 years or older (like tobacco and alcohol with no “loophole” for underage medical cards )Ban the advertising like we have the ban on tobacco.” Burbank is banning flavors in tobacco. That should also happen with pot products. When California enacts these guard rails to protect teens and young adults, then we can have a balanced discussion on harm vs benefit of pot. Right now, it is causing far more harm than benefit in our communities.

    12. We were told that opioids were safe and not addictive. Turns out they were addictive and deadly. Then we were told that vaping was going to get the adults off cigarettes but turns out that kids who would never have started smoking are now vapers.The Surgeon General, the CDC, the NIDA have all documented that today’s strong marijuana is addictive and can cause or worsen mental illness. Are we going to believe them or the pot lobbyists? Let’s learn from the past, not repeat it.

    13. I would hope we don’t legalize any drugs in Burbank. Not because pot is the worst – it obviously isn’t. But one of the reasons that Alcoholics are so apt to relapse after rehab is the availability of the product. I have 2 friends who consider that pot ruined their life. One even took a job that paid less than his previous one because they did drug testing and he wanted to be held accountable because he couldn’t stop on his own. Making these things so easy to get is not helping those that have habits which have made their life unruly. For those reasons I wish restrictions would stay in place.

    14. When we look back at this time, I think we are going to regret being so naïve about today’s high THC pot and the damage it does. How about we think of the kids first?

    15. in 2016, I voted for Prop 64 to “legalize” recreational marijuana. I didn’t realize that the proposition was written by the Cannabis lobbyists. Instead of “Tax, regulate, and control” of pot that we were promised-the black market has expanded due to the very low penalty for illegal growers and sellers. Our tax revenues are low, the environmental damage is high. I went to a seminar before covid hit and the topic was “What has gone wrong in California with Cannabis”. What a mess! Burbank doesn’t need it.

    16. Let’s stick to the issue that Mr. Spencer addresses: The fact that a company violates Burbank law and delivers pot to residents. There is a reason that this law is on the books — the delivery is not supervised and the drugs could go to minors who, studies show, can suffer impairment to their physical and mental development. To those of you who take exception to Mr. Spencer’s viewpoint for whatever reason, you should get the City to change the law. The City has the law to protect it’s citizens. If you want pot, there are plenty of places to buy it, so why be so vehement against parents who want to protect their children.

    17. OMG, no! No pot being sold (and preferably not being used) in Burbank or elsewhere. It is more productive and ethical to be of sound body and mind, versus high. To make it legal insinuates that it’s not harmful–and it’s very harmful, especially the pot being made/sold these days. Smoking pot infringes on everyone — in the streets, on the roads, in business, in apartment buildings. This has to stop — and it needs to stop with Burbank, Glendale, LA and surrounding areas.

    18. When looking at the statistics of states & cities that have legalized marijuana, unfortunately, the negative effects on individuals, families, health, overall production, & relationships, is greatly seen.

      THC levels in today’s marijuana is not the marijuana of the 50’s, and the damage done to the individual is very much apparent.

      Legalizing marijuana brings many more issues, then the perceived “positive” aspect that some may believe and it’s causing far more harm than benefit in our communities.

    19. Myself and my household are definitely against selling or delivering pot in Burbank. It’s not just a health concern, but a safety one as well. I’ve known people that were in major car accidents where the at-fault driver was high on pot and couldn’t control the vehicle. We do NOT need more drugs in society.

    20. Honestly, my main thing is that if it’s against the law, the law should be enforced. Just going with a “politics du jour” approach to law sets a terrible precedent, and gives no way for residents to resolve the issue.

    21. Thank you so much for your work and concern to keep our city and families safe. There is no question that along with pot -legal or not – comes crime and homelessness. Do we want that in our neighborhood? I doubt anyone would say “yes”, people are just not able to predict outcomes unfortunately! Thanks again for your work to keep us informed!

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