Letter to the Editor: Election California Congressional District 26


To the Editor:

Everyone in this nation is affected by the actions of every congressperson every day in every way.    We who do not live in California Congressional District 26 desperately would like to be able to cast a ballot for our choice, Eric Early.  Someone who we feel would represent all of us per the constitution.  

 We are not out demonstrating, looting, attacking police and causing general mayhem in hopes of being heard and instrumenting change.  The voters of the 26th district hold the key, the trump card so to speak.  You have a wonderful candidate on your ballot, Eric Early. This is the first time in 20 years that you have a real solid choice.

I live in Simi Valley now, but I am a true valley girl having lived in Burbank when my family came here from Detroit and all school years.  My impression of the people of Burbank, Glendale and La Canada, etc., knowing a few who live there, is that you probably conduct your personal lives conservatively. I’m puzzled why you keep electing a wildly left Democrat.  I can’t believe you approve of the antics going on in the House of Representatives.  Think of how much could have been accomplished in the last two years if the Democrat congresspersons would have addressed the problems of the people instead of trying to get rid of a legally elected President.

Eric Early is a serious, intelligent business person.  Another non-politician feeling the need to go to Washington to make decisions on the matters awaiting congressional attention.  He is willing to put is life on hold to devote his efforts where he feels he can make a difference.  Please give Eric Early your vote.  

Jessica Freeman

    BurCal Apartments8715