Letter to the Editor: Former Mayor Throws Support Behind Springer


Letter to the Editor:

Experience Matters! Re-Elect Sharon Springer to the Burbank City Council

The ballots have arrived and Burbankers are voting!

As you sit down to fill out your ballot and consider who you want to see on the Burbank City Council keep in mind that only Sharon Springer brings over six years of experience to the job as an elected member of the City Council.

Sharon served as Mayor during the onset of the Covid pandemic, a time of unprecedented challenge for our community. Sharon’s calm leadership helped steer Burbank through that difficult year of pandemic with the same commitment to communication and inclusion that she brings to every issue.

Sharon’s skills have been tested and as we face inflation and economic uncertainty in the coming year her experience in developing a balanced city budget while maintaining our vital city services will be more important than ever.

Without Sharon Springer on the Council it will be the first time in the history of Burbank that no member of the council will have more than two years experience in office. Burbank needs the hard earned experience that Sharon will bring to Council.

Vote for leadership, experience, and commitment – Re-Elect Sharon Springer to Burbank City Council 

Because Experience Matters!

Emily Gabel-Luddy
2018-2019 Burbank Mayor


    1. Will Sharon Springer promise to oppose any and all tax and fee increases in the City during her time as a Councilwoman? For the past four years, she has voted to increase tax rates and fees. I admire her kindness and interest in Burbank. She has a track record of going along with fee and tax increases.

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