Letter to the Editor: Former Police Commissioner/Current Resident Shares Opinion on Burbank School Security Issue


Editor’s Note: The following was sent as a news release/letter to the editor. This was also sent to all School Board and City Council members. The letter referenced can be seen below.

Letter to the Editor:

A year ago, Commissioner James Etter, a life long 80/year Resident of Burbank, who attended the Burbank School and his wife a Retired Burbank School Teacher with his 3 children all graduates of the Burbank School system, has gone on Record in the wake of the Sexual Assaults on 3 Burbank High School Girls, by a Pedophile who came on campus through the school parking garage unlocked door. Commissioner Etter is hoping for a better response to address the recent incident than his last efforts a year ago.

“I had offered some remedy (see attached “Redacted” pages of original letter) to the School Board, with Copies sent to Burbank Police Chief Albanese and all the members of the Burbank City Council” (according to Commissioner Etter).

“There was some response from the City Council, however nothing much from The Burbank School Board, appearing lackadaisical or disinterested in the alarm being sounded; where-by I said in my correspondence: It’s not a matter of if, but When, similar circumstances perpetrated in Uvalde, Texas may lead to an assault on our own Hometown Schools.” According to Commissioner Etter.

“As the similarities between Burbank and the incident in Uvalde, where very closely related, and both completely avoidable, if protocol or better oversight had been employed.” “This is the 2nd wake-up call in less than a year after the Mass Killings of 21 innocent citizens in Texas and 3 sexual assaults in our own community.”  According to Commissioner Etter.

In talking to officials around the community, it appears that the Burbank Board of Education is opposed to any authority on school campuses, (such as Police) so in that, the Board must be in the belief that 3 teen girls being sexually assaulted is better than any overreaching of authority, such as proposed a year ago by the Former Police Commissioner.

“The options presented to make some move towards better security at our Public Schools, were not in Levity, but by simple observation and hopefully the issues taken more seriously than just saying: (The School Board Does Not Want Police On Campus!) And without further consideration of “MULTIPLE” other options on the table, any one of which may have spared the Sexual Assaults on 3 teen-female students, it was all but ignored”.) According to Etter.

Problems in Las Vegas caused a vigilante move by local residents to form a campus observation system by using Parents of the Students and Local Citizens, they call: “Dads On Campus”, (which was patterned by other successful out of state School Districts) and personal security for the students ever since has seen a dramatic up-turn and is actually working.

“Dads On Campus” is (#1) of many suggestions by Commissioner Etter to consider, which he  cloned as “Eyes On Campus”, however there was very little interest from anyone to consider that program, which might provide greater security for our students and School Staff.

“WOW!  Nothing done, but Something happened, so I personally hold accountable, School Board Chairman Ferguson and the sitting School Board for this recent happening which may have forever-after impacted 3 teenage girls and other students who now might be living in fear.” According to Etter.

“All the options are still on the table”. According to Commissioner Etter.  “And as aforementioned in my letter to the School Board almost a year ago, It’s still not a matter of

IF, but WHEN something happens again!”

“I implore all residents who agree, to contact the Board of Education, from the Superintendent, Mr. Matt Hill down to Our School Board and the local PTA.”

Email and physical addresses can be found on-line, OR:

SchoolBoard@burbankusd.org  <This email goes to the Burbank School Board;  Chairman Steve Furguson

 -and- ALL Seated Members.   CityCouncil@BurbankCa.gov  <This goes to all seated members on our City Council and Burbank Mayor.    PoliceChief@BurbankCa.gov  <This goes to Burbank Police Chief Albanese.

Remembering in your emails that the above listed are working with us and/or for us. Be Polite!

“Yes, I’m looking to make a lot of NOISE about the incidents which needs attention to possibly avoid future events.”  According to Etter. The necessity for Citizens gathering together to impress the Board of Education that in lieu of their lack of response to making remedy, that Burbank Citizens do care deeply about our kids.  SEE ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS. Comments to:  JWE.Projects

James Etter
Resident and Former Burbank Police Commission Member

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    1. When you put a moratorium on K-9 units, metal detection, random searches, and police on campus, then refused to add campus supervisors, what did you think would happen?

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