Letter to the Editor: Frutos Thanks Everyone for Their Efforts Getting Through Pandemic


Letter to the Editor:

Dear Burbank Residents and Business Owners,

I am writing today to thank all business owners and residents for doing your part to keep the City of Burbank on the path to recovery.   Thank you for complying with the LA County COVID-19 safety requirements.  As restaurants and businesses will now be allowed to re-open with less restrictions, together we will get through the end of this pandemic.

I want to thank our business and restaurant owners throughout our city, including Downtown Burbank, Magnolia Park, Media, and Airport Districts for working through these challenging times.  I thank you for managing through unchartered territory.  This last year has uniquely tested our ability to adapt and work together.  I want to acknowledge some of our restaurant owners for being creative and others who have kept all of their employees on the payroll through this pandemic. 

The health and safety of our community have always been my priority and we can only achieve this if we continue to work together.  I appreciate everyone for dealing with so much uncertainty last year and in the year ahead.  I thank you for your continued patience and together we will get through this. 

Bob Frutos

    CBIS DataTax


    1. Mayor Frutos,

      Thank you for your efforts to keep our wonderful city as economically sound as is possible during this protracted pandemic. Your efforts and those of the city council are as appreciated as they are necessary.

      When this is all over, we must not only celebrate our freedoms as the precious things they are, but we must find a way to honor our frontline workers and those who’ve perished during the pandemic.

      I know you’ll find a way to accomplish these things. Thank you for your service to our city.

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