Letter to the Editor: Letter Writer is “Overwrought and Completely Biased”


Letter to the Editor:

Christopher Matthew Spencer’s latest diatribe on the illegality of cannabis delivery in Burbank, is another off-putting attempt to commandeer this website for his own use as a bully pulpit.

It’s maddening to know whenever I see a new Letter to the Editor, or comment on the myBurbank website, that it’s probably an entry from Mr. Spencer and that it will seek to be informed and detailed, but is ultimately overwrought and completely biased.

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but Mr. Spencer needs to either start his own website, or learn to refrain from flooding this community website with his all too frequently unwanted letters, articles and unfriendly, or patronizing comments.

As to his point regarding cannabis delivery, we’re living in a period of unrivaled change and cannabis is legal in California.  It’s being delivered all over our city and state.  Burbank must change with the times, and I think our city council knows this.

As things stand now, Mr. Spencer is the sole reason I refrain from visiting this valuable website.  I think Mr. Spencer needs to learn some humility, common sense, kindness, and above all else, restraint. Or, perhaps, seek a position as an elected official.

Pamela Lang

    BurCal Apartments8715


    1. I have a different take. So many of us are disengaged from our community and Christopher is a live wire! Refreshing to hear his community concern and involvement.

    2. Reading and listening to so many different points of view has been the one interesting thing to the “staying at home with Covid-19” time.

      What I find interesting about Christopher is his willingness to research a topic and then take an interested stand. What comes across is his loyalty to Burbank and an aversion to some of the crazier things that have affected LA city. I live in LA city and just in case you don’t get out much…..it is a bit of a mess. We don’t wish that on Burbank.

    3. I love reading what Christopher writes. He is concerned about the people and what is going on around where most people are just oblivious to what is going on with their heads down in their phones busy with social media and what is happening there. Drugs are a major issue and not a joke and having legalized pot has dramatically increased its use among our youth who are the next generation – that is scary! Someone needs to alert people to what is happening and I appreciate that he is.

    4. Am I the only one who totally figured out cms just posted these two comments about himself? Nice try cms. Get a life already. Like I said before, narcissism is a thing. Look into it.

    5. The issue is not whether cannabis is legal, it’s whether it should be delivered without proper controls on who receives it. Unless you think that children should have free access to the drug, I think Mr. Spenser raises an important issue.

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