Letter to the Editor: Mother Says That BUSD Has Failed Her Son


Letter to the Editor:

I am writing this letter as a Parent of a BUSD student. I’m writing not just on behalf of my Son but for All Parents & Students navigating this crisis, “school avoidance”.

I can sit here and blame the pandemic but the truth of the matter is my son excelled with straight A’s while working virtually. Despite the fact that he missed the socialization, he did not have to deal with the bullying problems encountered in BUSD school district.
It is very disappointing how BUSD verbalizes their support in fighting bullying when in fact very little is done to correct the problem.
I’ve had to address the issues with the Burbank school police officer multiple times, who apologized & recognized the problems stating she’s overwhelmed & overworked with being the only school officer addressing these issues in schools.
Myself and my Son have utilized every measure offered to aid his situation, to no avail. His school anxiety has not had continued to prevent him from attending.
To further substantiate my stance, Myself & my Son chose to place him in the Burbank Independent Learning Academy for the third quarter, where he was able to improve his grades to almost all A’s when he had no other interference negatively affecting his ability to focus and learn.
BUSD has failed us both, the Parent & Student withholding his graduation/promotion ceremony & festivities, holding him 100% accountable for his situation, while they are fully aware of the struggles he’s faced in BUSD. This does nothing but have a negative mirroring affect on students.
School avoidance has become a national crisis and instead of offering incentives to help correct the problem, BUSD chooses to punish and exacerbate it.
We, Parents, need to choose more wisely who we have running our school district. It’s NOT the teachers; it’s the running of the district.
Name withheld by request
Editor’s Note: We have confirmed the letter writer is a Burbank resident and have withheld the name because of the minor child involved.
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