Letter to the Editor: Mullins is Thanked for Participation in Diversity Voter PAC Event


Letter to the Editor:

We would like to thank City Council member Zizette Mullins for being our guest speaker for “Burgers and Burbank” at Morrison’s Restaurant on Wednesday night! She did an excellent job breaking down everything that’s going on in Burbank that effect every one of us! Thank you to Morrison’s for the delicious menu, and fun atmosphere.

Council member Mullins led discussion on topics such as:
*redistricting and different people’s public comments about going from an “at-large” voting system to separate council districts.
* the housing crisis and how SB35 and SB2011 effects the Council’s consideration of Housing Development Projects
* Mrs. Mullins passed out a City Information card with City Phone numbers and information that all residents and businesses should have to help the City deal with Homeless issues.
* Council is considering eliminating all single-use plastics and Styrofoam, but first they are getting feedback from local restaurants whom this will effect the most.
* the complexities of rent control and the increasing rent in the area, and what the Council is considering to help both renters and landlords, and how AB 1482 works into that conversation.
* how Burbank Water & Power price increases are necessary to fill a gap as California strives to become “greener.”

And most importantly…how crucial it is for YOU the Burbank citizen to get informed, get in the conversation, and give Council members your feedback! You can show up to City Council meetings and speak your opinions, call-in from home, e-mail them, or e-comment. Your voice matters.

Voter turnout is very low across the spectrum in Burbank. Diversity Voter PAC is working hard to change that. We are excited that our message of getting out the vote in Burbank is resonating. Everyone. Every election. The whole ballot. Vote informed. Vote your values. 

For more information and future events, visit us at diversityvoterpac.org.

April Fangio
President, Diversity Voter PAC

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