Letter to the Editor: Pair Throws Their Support Behind Helligar for City Council


Letter to the Editor:

We are writing this letter jointly because we care about Burbank. We understand that for Burbank to stay strong we must come together, work together and have all points of view included.

Carmenita Helligar understands the importance of reaching out to all of Burbank and to have everyone’s voices be part of the many decisions that need to be made.

Carmenita has a track record that proves that she is a collaborator that can bring progress to Burbank. She is creative and innovative because she listens to everyone and then she finds solutions that help the entire city. Having Carmenita on City Council will improve how our city is run and will improve every neighborhood and help every resident.

Join us in voting for Carmenita Helligar for Burbank City Council. Her election to City Council will bring us together as a community.

Paul Herman and Linda Bessin
Burbank Residents